Abnormally high sand filter pressures


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Sep 11, 2017
Franklin, TN
A pool service just opened up our pool on Friday and I've been SLAMMING my pool for the past two days. I have noticed that my filter pressures have been abnormally high, even after I backwash. Last year, filter pressure would run around 15-20 after backwashing but now my filter pressures are running around 45 after backwashing. Unfortunately, I don't know what the filter pressure was at opening because I forgot to look at the gauge. After the first day of the SLAM, filter pressure had creeped up to 55 but only went down to 45 after backwashing. I noticed that the gauge only goes down to 35 when the pump is off. Does it sound like I could have a faulty gauge or could there be another reason why I'm getting higher than normal filter pressures? If I had a clog in my skimmer line, would that cause filter pressures to be high? There was a lot of debris in the pool when we opened it up but I haven't been vacuuming through the filter, and the skimmer appears to be working since I'm finding leaves in the basket every time I check it. I don't see any bubbles in the pump basket and the pump has never lost prime.