ABG Pool leak


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Aug 12, 2008
I have a 21ft round pool and I seemed to develop a leak. It seemed to start last summer as the pool levels were depleting rapidly. I just assumed I was having more than usual evaporation and then I suspected a leak. Anyway, it was close to closing time so I closed the pool and now the pool has emptied over the winter. I opened the pool yesterday and I still have about a foot of water left but I cannot find a hole anywhere? The pool is always full and crystal clear every year I open it. Could it be on the bottom even with water in the pool? I think a mole got under the pool the year before and tunneled a bit under the liner, but again, I went under with googles and I did not see any holes, but he did create some large dimples or could have this been caused by a leak and it wrinkled the pool liner? I'm lost! Any tips would be appreciated Thanks.


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Aug 12, 2008
britinusa said:
The leak will be somewhere below the water line, you can try a dye test to see where the water is going.
I would check the seams first.
The pool is done leaking, so dye will not help, it sat all winter at that level. I also read that if you pool water goes to low you will have to replace the liner anyway. The only place that would make sense to me is that the pool is leaking from the bottom from the mole tunnel, but again there is water in the pool and it is staying at that level??


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Jul 30, 2010
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Depending on how much rain and evaporation you have had, it could be slightly above the water line. I would not give up on the liner yet, you may find when filling up it is fine (except for the leak you need to find). You want to get water in there as soon as possible, but I would probably fill it a little ways (maybe 6 inches) and see if it is still leaking down. You may be able to use the die approach at that point (if your water is clear), so that you do not have to wait for the water level to reach the leak. At least it did not leak to the bottom, and empty the liner, so the liner may still work. But not going to th bottom would also indicate the leak is probably not on the bottoom unless it is really slow such that the pool is still leaking down. Has the level moved much lately?


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Jun 21, 2011
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I would also suspect the leak to be somewhere around the level of the water when you pulled the cover back. Most likely it has drained to the point where the leak is at, probably a seam as mentioned.