ABG electrical question


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Jul 25, 2010
We are set to start the install of our ABG pool next week. I was told that the elect. is something I need to take care after the install. I was told I should get a seperate line run out to the pool and then to the breaker box. So my question is this---- Is this true and will my pool be ok to run off an extention cord to the outside outlet until I get a new line run. Do you think its a do it your self job or one I should look into hiring out for.

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Jun 22, 2009
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The answer to all those questions is, maybe. Sorry for not being more specific but you didn't tell us:
  1. What size and type of pool it is.[/*:m:1tf03gjr]
  2. Are you're good doing electrical work.[/*:m:1tf03gjr]
  3. Does your municipality require licensed electricians to do the work.[/*:m:1tf03gjr]
  4. What size is the pump.[/*:m:1tf03gjr]
  5. Is the pump a standard plugin model, wire-in model or twistlock model.[/*:m:1tf03gjr]
  6. Do you have a GFCI outlet to plug the extension cord into.[/*:m:1tf03gjr]
  7. How long will it be till the permanent installation is complete.[/*:m:1tf03gjr]
  8. What size and length cord do you plan on using.[/*:m:1tf03gjr]
  9. How close is the pump to the pool.[/*:m:1tf03gjr]
This is all I can think if right off.


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Jun 18, 2010
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When I was faced with this question I was able to find an electrician that told me what type and size wire, breakers, & etc. to buy. I ran the wire and did everything but install the breaker and hook it to power. My electrician inspected my work and then did the dangerous install part. It was well worth the money I paid him. In effect, I did the manual labor that anyone could do and the electrician did the work that took skill.

I do think you should do a permanent install and not just string an extension cord. Too many bad things can happen to your pump investment and to people and pets to run off an extension cord.