Abandoned Jandy Nature 2 Fusion for BBB...what's next?


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Jun 16, 2019
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33,000 gallon pool built in 2018, Jandy Nature2/UV system worked great for a while. Had some cloudiness start a month ago, and noticed more shock needed to clear up. Enter TFP!! I have learned so much, and it turns out my TriChlor system has elevated my CYA to 140 or so...thus the increase in Chlorine demand. Drained the pool somewhat (not as much as I should have), but now have the CYA down to 70 to 80.

So, stopped using TriChlor tabs, and have been on bleach / borax / baking soda - and testing daily. Pool looks like it did on day 1 of opening after building - crystal clear. Keep all measurements in balance (pH, TA, FC 5 to 7, etc)

I'm looking into adding a SWCG and the way I see it there are 2 options
1) stick with Jandy to maintain iAqualink automation connectivity
2) get another brand, and not have automation (not a huge deal, but kind of like having all controls on the app/web screen). Would just wire to the Aqualink RS Panel (220V load wires that feed the Jandy ePump)

On 1 --
I'm worried the Jandy systems don't deliver enough chlorine - but the Aquapure PLC1400 says rated for 40,000 gallons
Also, I have the AquaLink RS system. I confused on what Jandy add-ons I need to make the conversion.
Aquapure PureLink Power Center? Do I have to replace my whole Aqualink RS Power Center Panel, or is there a small Aquapure control box that connects to the existing RS power center?

On 2 --
I can DIY it (plumb, wire) and exploring CircuPool. For this option, I will go with a SWCG that is rated for 45,000 or 60,000 gallons.

If there are any members that can offer a perspective - I would appreciate it. If there are any Jandy TFPers that have thoughts - that would be great too.



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May 3, 2014
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Jun 16, 2019
Venetia, PA
Welcome to the forum!

See if the above provides you some information.

Jandy really discourages DIY work/repair/upgrade of their systems. Warranty is near 0 and you may struggle purchasing the parts.

I do know to not get the Truclear. Lots of problems with that SWCG.

I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
Thank you for the reply - good in depth Jandy info for sure.
Really leaning toward the DIY non-automated SWCG option....summer of 2020 is making it hard to switch to liquid chlorine/ bleach! Most stores = "Limit 2"....