AA 10 Minute Spot Treatment Experiment


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Apr 27, 2012
Grand Rapids, MI
I thought I'd report a mini experiment for spot treatment of iron staining on stairs that IMHO is easier than full AA treatment and far cheaper, but thoroughly effective.

Background: I am on well with 2 ppm iron in source water. I use softened water, which reduces iron to .5 ppm, then 10" Blue Pentek filter with 25-1 reducing mcron filter, which gets it down to about .2 ppm.

I had trucked fresh water in August during a liner change that was almost iron free...but later discovered a corroding old ladder that contributed to new iron in water.

I am running the pool throughout winter inside an air dome. Due to some of the mechanics involved in cycling part of the water for an air warmer blower and putting an extended valve on my stair return that forces water against the stair wall (for I suspect an isolated ph increase), plus a reduced usage of sequestrant, I've gotten mild-to-moderate staining in the stair area.


1. Small package AA - eg Amazon pound from Duda Diesel
2. Dishwasher application wand...the kind with the hollow handle you can put soap in, with scrubby pad on face.
3. Small funnel
4. Phosphonic sequestrant of choice, eg. Half bottle (Jacks, Metal Magic)

Pour a few ounces of AA into the applicator reservoir, eg 60%
Add water, cap
Note...even if it doesn't all mix right, more water will get in from the tiny pinprick hole beneath the sponge, so no worries.

Don't bother adjusting any water parameters...but know your starting FC so you can adjust for any loss.

Smooth applicator pad over stairs. Will be brilliant white in no time.
Add sequestrant to keep the iron from depositing elsewhere. I added 16 ounces.

Check FC. Increase slightly via runtime for swg or addition if manual...eg maybe 1 ppm.

Forgot to take before and after shots...sorry. Will try to grab pic this am ;)

Cheers ;)

Here's a pic...realize the water looks "blue" but that's the reflection when stairs are properly white...pic is inside dome before it got too steamy ;)



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May 14, 2015
Cartersville Ga
I love the idea of using the sponge wand. I usually just dump a laundry scoop of the AA powder into an old sock. This time of year it's very cold on my old bones. I bet the wand would work great on the ring that I get all around the pool as the water evaporates.