A sol'n for backwashin the EC series of DE filters


May 10, 2009
Daphne, Alabama

Have a Hayward EC-65 de filter. Found it quite annoying that I can't backwash the filter like some, and "bumping" the fitler isn't always effective, so I came up with a method to do some quickie backwashing and cut down the need to break open the filter. I cut in a "T" when an elbow used to be just downstream from the filter. Added a female DWV fitting to the open port of the "T". I use a DWV blockoff to close the port when backwashing isn't needed. To adapt a garden hose to do the
backwashing, I put together a male fitting to match the female fitting in the "T", a bushing to adapt the 1 1/2" pipe size down to a size that fits a garden hose adaptor, added the garden hose adaptor and an adapt to move the hose connector to a horizontal position. I also added a ball valve just downstream from this adaptor, to make sure the water from the hose gets to the filter and there you go, a quickie backwash adaptor for the Hayward EC series of DE filters.





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Feb 18, 2010
Houston, TX
Nice work! That's thinkin' on your toes right there! I know someone will probably come along and explain why, but I don't understand the point of bumping a DE filter. If it's dirty, and you bump it, it's still dirty! You might be able to redistribute the dirt, but it's still there! I dunno...

Anyways, :goodjob:

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