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Mar 6, 2017
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I have recently gone into my local pool store with a water sample to compare what I get with my testing vs what they get. Most of the time everything is fairly close except TA. Consistently I get a TA around 100 and they get one around 50 and tell me I need to raise it some. Actually their report says TA(input) of 60 and TA(adjusted) of 48. Based on my 100 I don't need to adjust it. Any ideas on why this might be occurring and which number I should go by? Thanks


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Mar 11, 2015
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ALWAYS go by your own testing (I see you’re using a recommended test kit ?).

Pool store testing isn’t reliable. It’s useless to try to compare one’s own testing using a TFP recommended test kit to pool store testing.
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Jul 7, 2014
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You should only worry about TA if it is below 50 or if your pH is unstable.. It is the very last item to worry about

Most pool stores "adjust" your TA reading depending on your CYA... As others have said.. Quit going to the pool store and trust you own tests.

You never want to try to adjust your TA just to meet some number.. unless you are having problems, just leave it alone.


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