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May 21, 2018
Lorena, TX
Pool People, Greetings.

Please skip this if long posts are not your thing. I cannot think of any way to make this shorter. It’s two quotes. I have removed the company names, and I don't feel like I"m doing anything wrong by posting this here. If it's against the rules or in bad form, please let me know.

My wife has always wanted a pool. We have three kids that are not getting any younger so we have decided to take the plunge. I present here for your critique, two quotes for what we want. Please provide any input you have.


  • * Most important: Swimming area. My wife wants to swim for exercise so swimable surface area and shape is a must.
  • * Fun for the kids
  • * Ease of maintenance
  • * Cost Value / Bang for the Buck
  • * Spa
  • * An area where we can spend time relaxing

Things that need ponderin':

  • Pool depth. Builder "A" says the kids can jump in all day long at 6 1/2 feet and not get hurt. Builder "B" says you can even do it at six feet (both promise to charge more for deeper)
  • Pool length vs width for actual swimin'
  • Things that I don't even know to ponder about

The property:

  • * We have lots of room but our house builder put the septic tank where we asked NOT too. We must work around. it.
  • * I live in the county, not a city. WHAT Permits and ordinances?
  • * There is a slight grade but we have been told it can be worked in an leveled out with no retaining wall or stone.
  • * I have always felt my back porch is small and I want to extend it with more overhead at some point. Now is the time to do that, or at least leave enough room for it.
  • * We have rock. I know what is under the dirt at about a foot. I have not fully disclosed that I know it to these companies. Rock digging fees is a major sticking point for my bidding process.

Builder “A”:

  • Pool Dimensions: Approx. 16 ft x 32 ft with approx. 6 ft x 12 ft External Tanning Ledge
  • Pool Perimeter: Approx. 110 ft.
  • Pool Depth: 3 ft. to 6 1/2 ft
  • Spa Dimensions: 7 ft. Square in design
  • Spa Perimeter: Approx. 28 ft.
  • Spa Raised: 18 inches from deck
  • Spa Depth: Approx. 3 ft.

  • City Permit: All fees and inspections included, as required by the city
  • Home Owners Assoc: Assistance with required plans and forms, Fees by buyer
  • Insurance: general liability.
  • Standards: Design meets current standards as detailed by ISPSC guidelines.
  • Plans: Final construction plans will be supplied for approval.
  • Layout: Customer to sign off on provided scope of work.

  • Rock: If rock bit is required, An additional fee of $300.00 per hour will be charged.
  • *** Builder A has agreed to cap the Rock Bit Fee at 3 Hours per Owner***
  • Material: All excavation material to be removed from site unless other specified - TBD @
  • time of signing contract.
  • Dirt Shuttle: If dirt shuttle is required due to constrained space in getting equipment in and
  • out of the job site there will be a fee of $750.00 added to the contract price.

Steel & Gunite

  • Pool: 1⁄2 inch Grade 40 Steel Rebar on 10 inch Centers, both ways.
  • Pool Bond Beam: 1⁄2 inch Grade 40 Steel Rebar x 4
  • Additional: N/A
  • Concrete: Dry Mix Gunite
  • Thickness: Out of Ground Beam to be 12”

Plumbing & Electrical

  • Pool Pipes: 3 inch suction & 2 inch return at equipment, Schedule 40 PVC.
  • Returns: (8) Directional Inlets
  • Skimmers: (2) Independently plumbed for optimum control.
  • Drains: (4) AquaStar drains, VGB compliant.
  • Spa Pipes: 3 inch suction & 2 inch return at equipment, Schedule 40 PVC
  • Spa Jets: (6) High Flow Jets
  • Spa Air: 2 inch dedicated airline.
  • Fill Line: Auto Fill
  • Overflow Line: N/A
  • Gas: Propane by owner
  • Electrical: Hookup from exterior sub-panel, bonding by Electrical Cone (UL).
  • Includes all required circuit breakers and GFCI, etc., up to 75 FT included.

Stone and Tile:
  • 6” Band at waterline, Frost-proof -
  • Pool/Spa Tile: Standard Selection
  • Pool Coping: Lueders Stone or Oklahoma Stone Coping
  • Spa Coping: Lueders Stone or Oklahoma Stone Coping
  • Spa Facing: Chopped Lueder Stone
  • Raised Beam: N/A
  • Boulders in Beam: N/A

Water Features”
  • Bubbler: YES, In Tanning Ledge
  • Spa Spillway: (1) Stone Spillway to confirm with client

Decking and Walls

  • Reinforcement: 3/8” Rebar 16”On Center, 4”Select Fill Base
  • Deck Material #1: 300 sqft of washed concrete.*NOTE* 1 yard of concrete equals to 81 sq ft.
  • Deck Material #2: N/A
  • Pump Truck: f pump truck is needed there will be a fee of $1,050.00 additional cost.
  • Steps:
  • Deck-O-Drain: N/A
  • VB / Umbrella Sleeves: 2, additional sleeves available @ $14.95 each
  • Retaining Walls: N/A


  • Pool/Spa Plaster: Custom Colored Pebble
  • Entry: Steps on Shallow End
  • Benches: TBD
  • Start-Up: Pool School with all required chemicals
  • Maintenance: 16’ Telescopic Pole, Brush, Net, Test Kit & Thermometer
  • Clean Up: Completed by Contractor


  • Main Pump: Pentair Variable Speed 3 hp
  • Pump #2: N/A
  • Pump #3: N/A
  • Filter: Pentair 650# Commercial Sand w/ Glass
  • Heater: Pentair 400k – Propane
  • Blower: Blower – 1hp Silencer
  • Cleaner: Pentair Prowler Robotic
  • Control Box: Pentair Easy Touch 8 Computer Automation
  • Remotes: I-Phone or Andriod
  • Sanitizers: In-Line Chlorinator
  • Pool Lights: (1)Pentair Intellibrite 5 Color L.E.D., 120v
  • Spa Lights: (1)Pentair Intellibrite 5 Color L.E.D., 120v
  • Tanning Ledge Lights: (1) Pentair Glowbrite 5 Color L.E.D., low voltage


  • Gunite Shell: 3 Year Structural
  • Equipment: 3 years manufacturers (parts & labor)
  • Plumbing: 1 year
  • Decks:1 year
  • Tile/Coping:1 year
  • Light: 3 year
  • Plaster: 10 year for Custom Pebble Plaster
  • Controls: 3 year limited

Not covered by contract:

  • Reroute sprinkler and utility lines if required
  • Landscaping, Grass or Mulch
  • Modification or Upgrade to existing electrical panel/service
  • Gutters and Gutter Drain Pipes
  • Supply accurate survey to property
  • Water supply for filling of pool and gunite process

All Inclusive Price:
Payment Schedule:
30% due at signing
30% upon completion of Gunite
30% upon completion of Decks
10% due prior to scheduling Plaster

Notes on Builder “A”:

  • * I had a good feeling after meeting with them. They gave me a quote right then, without seeing the property. They stated that if we are ok with the price, then they will come to the property, measure and make a 3d rendering of the designed pool.
  • * They do not use sub-contractors, they own their own equipment.
  • * Builder “A” insists that a square pool is the best value for your money, says pools are priced by the “footprint” and curves eat away at it.
  • * Builder “A” states costs get exponentially more expensive when depth goes beyond 6 ½ feet.
  • * Claims to be building a LOT of pools in the area, can confirm some of their work is in the area.
  • * Operates from an established physical store front.
  • * Uses Pentair equipment, states it’s top of the line and he offers nothing cheaper, includes full smart phone automation. Nothing is an “Upgrade”, this is the price.
  • * States that the variable speed pump will save me Thousands of dollars a year in electric
  • states that the robot that comes with the pool is amazeballs and will keep it clean.

Notes on Builder “C”:

  • * I told them to quote me a pool at Builder “A” specs, but it was confusing because everything is an “upgrade” and it’s whatever you want. (I’m not a pool designer, or builder, I don’t know what to spec out)
  • I did not get the same warm feeling as Builder "A", I felt confused when they left. I'm also confused when reading their quote in places, they are consistent.
  • * They came to my house and measured and looked at the property
  • * It took about a week to get the quote from them, I assume because they did a 3d rendering
  • * Insists that a pool with curves is cheaper because the perimeter is shorter, and it’s “priced by the perimeter”, sends me a quote with pool dimensions: 16’ x 32’, no perimeter included.
  • * Sub contracts excavation, and I’m assuming everything else.
  • * Operates from their house, but I know they are established with work in the area.
  • * Charges a MINIMUM $1500 for rock bit, which they want up front as a deposit. Refused to put a cap on it.
  • * Does not include electrical and mentioned a flat fee of ~$1500 to hook everything up with “their guy.”
  • Claims robots are dumb and only a suction side vacuum thing will keep the pool clean.

Builder "C" images:
View attachment 78089
View attachment 78091

Builder “C” quote:

all pools come standard with the following

  • * Final approved swimming pool plans
  • * Pool permits pulled within City limits
  • * All sales tax included in proposal amount
  • Builder “C” is insured and bonded

Standard Construction Specs
  • *One-day excavation using track machine with standard excavation bucket, if rock hammer is applied we charge $375.00 per hour with a 4-hour minimum ($1,500.00 min.)
  • 1/2” steel in beam, rebar tied on 10 inch centers doubled up on 5x10 inch centers on stress points of pool
  • Schedule 40 PVC plumbing 2” suction and 2” returns, all pressure tested
  • 2 skimmers
  • 6 returns
  • 2 anti-vortex main drains
  • Monolithic Gunite structure using 7 – sack cement mixed on job site 10” walls & 12” beam
  • 6-inch standard frost proof ceramic tile of your choice around perimeter of pool
  • 12-inch standard flagstone coping or 12” bullnose brick coping (unless upgrade is discussed)
  • 4-feet of standard washed aggregate, salt finish, or broom finish concrete decking around perimeter of pool (unless otherwise discussed). 350 sq. ft. of additional concrete 800 sq. ft. included
  • Concrete equipment pad
  • Stone Scape plaster
  • Standard swimming pool equipment package
  • (2) Color logic LED lights
  • (1) Hayward Tri-Star or Super II Pump variable speed pump
  • (1) Hayward Sand or Cartridge Filter
  • (1) Hayward Navigator Cleaner
  • (1) Single Freeze Guard Timer
  • (1) In-line Chlorinator
  • (1) Vacuum pole
  • (1) Pool Brush
  • (1) thermometer
  • (1) Test Strips
  • (1) Vac Head
  • (1) Vac Hose
  • (1) Vac Plate
  • (1) Skimmer Net
  • Start-up chems for salt and chlorine pool

standard swimming pool amenities

  • Tanning bench (size determined by customer)
  • (1) Bubbler jet in Tanning Bench valved so it can be adjusted or turned off
  • (2) Umbrella anchors and (2) Volleyball anchors installed in decking
  • (1) Umbrella anchor installed in tanning bench
  • (1) 4’ interior bench in pool
  • (1) Set of Steps with wing bench
  • One month of FREE WEEKLY MAINTENANCE. Once a week for 4 weeks
  • Pool School upon completion on pool
  • Salt start-ups and automatic cleaner installation at 2 weeks after completion

standard spa specs:

  • 7 ‘ inside/ outside spa raised 12-inches,With a tiled roll beam and rock coping & rock veneered spillway to pool
  • 6 Hydrotherapy Spa Jets
  • (2) Spa side air control venturi valves for air bubbles (blower available upon request)
  • 250,000 BTU Hayward natural gas or propane heater w/dual thermostats
  • (2) main drains with anti-vortex lids
  • (1) Spa light
  • Plumbing is 2” – 2 ½” schedule 40 PVC
  • Stone Scape Plaster


  • Three-year warranty on pool structure
  • One-year workmanship warranty on plumbing, tile, and coping
  • One-year warranty on white Plaster
  • Eight-year manufacture warranty on Stonescapes plaster
  • Three-year warranty on ALL Hayward Equipment

Electric connections
*** You have the option of using our licensed electrician or you can do your own electrical or you can also use your own electrician. We can include this in our bid as a turnkey price if requested. We use ***** Electric and he is familiar with all of our systems. ***

Standard Swimming Pool Connection includes:

  • A 60’ run from your panel box to our equipment (trenching and longer runs will be an additional fee)
  • (1) pool light included – (additional lights are $100.00 each)
  • (1) pool pump
  • Bonding of pool and lights
  • Electrical Permit included
  • (1) pool panel, salt system, chlorine system or UV system included
  • Total for Pool Only: $1,800.00
  • Total for Pool & Spa: $1,900.00
  • Breakdown of pool and/or spa

  • POOL DEMINSIONS: 16’x 32’
  • POOL DEPTHS: 3 ½ ‘ x 6 ½ ‘
  • SPA DEMINSIONS: 7’ raised Spa with tiled rollbeam
  • UPGRADES:, Stone scape plaster $4,800.00, 3 color logic LED lights $2,300.00, Up grade to a two speed pump $500.00, Extra depth $700.00, & 7’ Spa $14,500.00 with roll beam (without $12,500.00) extra bench $500.00 & 350 sq. ft. additional decking $1,925.00
  • Totals $25,225.00

Sum of: $62,125.00

Breakdown: Swimming Pool $36,900.00, plus upgrades listed above

optional: upgraded amenities to consider

  • Additional standard decking $5.50 per square foot
  • Delta UV System $1,800.00
  • Pro Logic P-4 Salt System $2,400.00
  • Additional Bubbler Jet in tanning bench $500.00
  • E-Connect remote system for chlorine pools $1,000.00
  • Hayward Color Logic Lights $850.00 ea. for pool & spa
  • Additional 500 watt Lights in pool $450.00 ea.
  • Aqua Pod Remote System for salt pools $1,800.00
  • Aqua Cal Heat-Cool Pump $6,000.00
  • Color added to concrete by estimate only (depends on square footage)
  • Dive package with 8’ depth (min. 16x32 pool size), with 6’ diving board and base, and additional decking $5,000.00
  • Additional Depth to 7’ is $2,000.00
  • Figure 4 Handrail tan powder coated $600.00 installed
  • Standard Jump rock decorative boulder $450.00 installed
  • Stonescapes pebble Plaster (color of choice) determined by size of pool
  • Stonescapes Pebble Plaster on Spa $750.00
  • 1-ton rock waterfall $2,400.00
  • 1.5-ton rock waterfall $3,000.00
  • 2-ton rock waterfall $3,800.00
  • 1.5-ton weeping wall with 4 inlets $3,600.00
  • 2-ton weeping wall with 4 inlets $4,200.00
  • (4) deck jets $2,100.00
  • Wood Burning Fire Pit $1,900.00 (rock veneered)
  • Gas burning fire pit or fire bars by estimate only
  • Sheer Descent walls by estimate only
  • Grottos/caves by estimate only
  • Pre-fab and tile slides by estimate only
  • Electrical hook-up of pole lamp lighting or additional outdoor lighting supplied by homeowner by estimate only
  • possible additional expenses to consider if applicable
  • Propane tank for propane heater and connection (for spa)
  • Natural gas connections (for spa)
  • Deck drains if required
  • Gutters on house if needed
  • Additional grading if required
  • Tree stump removal
  • Sprinkler repair or relocation
  • Fence repair
  • Pump truck (for concrete decking) to be determined by CCP construction super.
  • Bobcat Dig/ Bobcat Shuttle for limited access yards to be determined by CCP
  • Any utility re-route is at homeowners expense

PAYment schedule
Payments to be made as follows:
Less down payment
35% upon Excavation and Forming of pool
35% upon Gunite
20% upon Decking
10% upon Plaster
$500.00 completion of swimming pool (WTH?)
This proposal will be withdrawn if not accepted by homeowner within thirty days.
Average completion time is 30 working days (6 weeks) barring weather.

Yes, Builder “C” has a 30 day guarantee? Are they serious, is that even possible?

I'm sure I"m leaving things out, I reserve the right to make changes, clarify or correct. :)


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Wow.... a lot to go thru. Let me just toss out some thoughts-

First off, you do want a VS pump!

Builder A has a better rock price.

I myself think with 3 kids, friends and family, you should have a deeper pool. Kids, esp. teens, LOVE to dive, cannonball and the like. The deeper the better and safer. I'm a trauma nurse, I speak from experience here. Its also more fun really, easy to float around, won't scrape your knuckles swimming, etc. I can no see where it really costs $5,000 more to dig a little deeper. That just sounds wrong, and like someone who does cookie-cutter builds. So boo to Builder C on that count.

Lose the chlorinator and go for a Salt Water Generator for your chlorine. You'll thank me later, I promise. Don't even think about a UV system unless you live under a perpetual cloud and never see the sun! LOL

30 day guarantee?? VERY unusual. Be skeptical.

Propane can be kinda pricey, isn't it? Is NG an option? Heatpump for the pool?

Maddie :flower:


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Oh goodie!!! A new build to help on! A good start with lots of details! Lets get this party started and pick apart those quotes!

-Depth-sure the kids can jump in a 6' deep pool. NO diving though :( That has to be 8'. They will have fun in the 6' swimming down to retrieve toys off the bottom of the pool. Up to you. I WOULD talk to the insurance company to find out how THEY feel about a diving pool before you put much more thought into the depth.

-Ease of maintenance-You have found TFP! It does not get any easier that this!!! I also strongly suggest you get a SWG. Here is a link: Pool School - Salt Water Chlorine Generators

-An area for relaxing-IN the pool or OUT of the pool? or both?

-Builder A:

-This is HUGE! "Rock: If rock bit is required, An additional fee of $300.00 per hour will be charged.
*** Builder A has agreed to cap the Rock Bit Fee at 3 Hours per Owner*?

-"Returns: (8) Directional Inlets"-see if he will do them in sets of 2 or 4 for major control!!!

-"Skimmers: (2) Independently plumbed for optimum control" love this!

-"Drains: (4) AquaStar drains, VGB compliant." make sure they are plumbed separate from the skimmers and each set (why 2 sets?) is plumbed separate.
-Two things about main drains-
-did you know you do not HAVE to have to have a main drain??? Something to think about.
-If you do go with main drains look at these: http://www.poolfittings.com/ OH so pretty and not stubbed toes or getting in the way of the cleaner

-"Overflow Line: N/A"-NEEDED!! Makes life so much easier if/when it rains big!

-"Includes all required circuit breakers and GFCI, etc., up to 75 FT included." How much will it be for more?

-"Pool/Spa Plaster: Custom Colored Pebble"-brand? how big are the pebbles?

-Equipment-Model numbers on everything before you sign AND share them with us so we can look them over.
-don't bother with the glass in the sand filter-see if you can get a slight price decrease and go with sand. Most people end up going back to sand after the glass gets "gummie" and yucky.

-"Sanitizers: In-Line Chlorinator"-get a SWG as noted above. Go for at least double the size of your pool for power savings and less wear on the cell. You can allow the in-line to stay but you will not use it on a day to day bases.

-"10% due prior to scheduling Plaster" That is a big ol' NOPE!!! Why in the world would they ask you to pay for the pool in FULL before it is done??? Nope, nope, nope!!

-"They do not use sub-contractors, they own their own equipment." BUT do they have a dedicated crew??? or two??

-"Builder “A” insists that a square pool is the best value for your money, says pools are priced by the “footprint” and curves eat away at it." but what is "pretty" to you and your wife?

-"States that the variable speed pump will save me Thousands of dollars a year in electric" While it will save you money it will not be "Thousands of dollars a year" :roll:

Builder C:

-Much the same as above

-Robots are the BOMB!!! I just got mine and will get another one if she ever wears out!!!

-"Less down payment
35% upon Excavation and Forming of pool
35% upon Gunite
20% upon Decking
10% upon Plaster
$500.00 completion of swimming pool (WTH?)"
-NOT happy with this!! Too little left at the end to hold over their heads to finish or fix.

-"Yes, Builder “C” has a 30 day guarantee? Are they serious, is that even possible?"-I don't see a guarantee...........I see lots of wiggle room in the word "average". I will tell you that the gunite shell should cure for 30 days before plaster so.............

What I did was open your post in another window and go down it to comment on what stood out to me. I might have missed a thing or two but think I have given you PLENTY to work with for now!!

May we see where this pool will be going?



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Apr 7, 2015
Houston, Texas
Welcome, Blackburd, to TFP!!! We're so very glad you found this site! :wave: Most of us started out very much like you. Like Kim and Maddie, I'll comment on whatever I can and leave the rest to others. I may repeat some of their suggestions to emphasize how important I think it is.

Builder A
* My pool is 34 ft long. I'm not a big time swimmer, so it works for me. If I had the room, I would have squeezed out 3-5' longer.
* 16 ft wide will work, with kids and their friends, go a little wider if you can.
* My pool is 7 ft at the deepest. It's good for jumping, but not for diving. Personally, I think 6' isn't great for jumping. Kids will be ok, adults (especially 6' and taller) will need to be careful jumping in at 6'
* If I still had kids around, I like Maddie's idea of going to 8 ft for the depth. I have had a few kids over to visit, and it's almost useless telling them, "Do NOT dive from the edge." I've had to use my unhappy adult voice.
* It depends on the height of the adults and guess-timated future height of the kids, but 3 ft for a shallow end is very shallow. Many members on here have found they like a 4 ft shallow end. Kids grow quickly, so that shouldn't be a concern. I've even read some members quoting the PB's saying they are seeing a drift to the 4 ft shallow end. I'm 5'7" and love our 4 ft shallow end. Also, with a 3 ft shallow end, the slope to the 6.5 deep end will be steeper than going from 4' to 6.5'.
* For permits and ordinances, you'll have to check in your area. They vary greatly across Texas and even in my little town of Cypress, they vary by neighborhood. Get input from others in addition to the PB's.
* Drains - When Hurricane Harvey hit, I was very glad I had main drains. They gave me additional drainage when the pool was overflowing. You're between Temple and Waco, so I'm not that familiar with your rainfall. I suspect you're close enough to the DFW area that you too get those torrential downpours at times.
* Auto Fill - good if you travel a lot. I have one and turned it off. I needed better control to allow the water to get lower when I knew rains were coming in a few days, otherwise my pool would always be draining out to the street. Rains finally came yesterday and today, so I saved on water and maybe a little of chems by letting the pool evaporate lower last week (not below skimmer level). And... if auto fill is always on, you may not realize there's a leak in the pool (trying to whisper this caution so as not to tempt fate).
* Overflow Line - a MUST-have for the obvious reasons above during torrential rains - or rains that come too hard too fast - or if you turn on the fill line and forget to set a timer to turn it off. Lol!!!!
* In-line chlorinator -- Absolutely skip and go with a salt water generator system. You mentioned either here or in Introduce Yourself that due to a family member in hospice you were unable to keep on top of the pool, so it turned green. Sadly, those things happen. A Salt system is the way to go for exactly those times. My pool is coming up on 3 years, and in that time, I've had one planned surgery, and one unexpected surgery, and a death in the family. My pool never turned green due to the swg system. I began following the methods taught here on TFP from day one with my pool, and the plates inside my salt cell still look brand new. No corrosion at all. Testing sometimes didn't happen for 3 weeks during those times since I had no one to help. The swg saved me.
* Pool finish - I'd want info on brand, level/tier, etc
* Blower/silencer - Ask for someone to give specific input on whether that's needed with the plumbing configuration you have for the spa
* Lights - I have 2 lights in my pool, one at each end. My pool would be too dark with only one light. Your tanning ledge light might take care of it. I can't say, I don't have a light on my tanning ledge, and that would have been nice.
* Payment schedule - I'll just add 10 more Nopes to Kim's. Every builder I talked to wanted something similar. Each time I told them no, they said ok. I guess they figured it didn't hurt to try! Be firm on that one.
* PB's tell us all different things. Some may be fact, and some may be due to what they are comfortable doing. My PB told me a rectangular pool costs more. He didn't seem to care too much about the footprint. He eased it longer and wider and deeper without any issues. I suspect there are ranges for dimensions in relation to price.
* Robot - Awesome, and do some research on the one he wants to sell you. Try to find a comparable model made by Maytronics (aka dolphins) and check price. Will it scrub the walls; will it scrub the waterline; what type of filter system (a basket or cartridge panels); does the basket or filters lift out from the top; find reviews of the PB's model and compare.

Builder C
* I'm getting tired, so not going line by line - just some highlights
* Very complicated - I'd make myself a spreadsheet to get it all untangled.
* I'm not sure where this guy has been regarding robots. That's just crazy talk.
* I'm confused about the 30 day guarantee. I didn't see any notes referring to that - I probably missed it. 30 day guarantee of what? Is that a guarantee of the completion? Few manage that due to mother nature, and always have fine print regarding that. I learned quickly that I had no control over the completion time due to weather, crew availability, material deliveries, equipment breakdowns, etc.

I would NOT like a quick quote from a PB who hasn't even been to the site. It's too easy to keep adding $$$, because of this unknown or that unknown. Warm and fuzzy is nice, but was he the PB, project manager or salesman? More than likely, you'd never see a salesman again. Ask to meet the guy who will be on site during the build (at least on site more than anyone else). I worry one guy is really low bidding and the other may be bidding high.

If you're familiar with the app "Nextdoor" for your area, get on there (it's free like TFP) and post a question about these 2 PB's. It's the one place I trust reviews since they come from neighbors who live near and around my neighborhood. I didn't really even trust the reference lists from my PB's. Why would they give someone who was unhappy with their work? On "Nextdoor", the folks will gladly tell you what you want to know. They might even have a different recommendation.

I'm excited for you!!! It's quite a journey, just remember to focus on the end result and floating on that cool water in the hot, hot summers!!!

Take care,


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Jun 7, 2017
Damascus, MD
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Jandy Aquapure 1400
Around here the gunite shell is lifetime warranty.


May 21, 2018
Lorena, TX
I apologize for neglecting this post. But... life is busy and priorities etc.
I have made some progress.

I negotiated the cost of the rock bit upfront because I knew the situation from the septic tank install.



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Jul 11, 2018
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Who did you finally go with? I'm assuming "A". Keep the pictures coming. Would love to see what coping and tile you picked.


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Jan 17, 2012
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WOW....now *that's* a pool Mate! <---Crocopool Dundee

Thats a mess of rock too! Keep up the pics... love 'em!

Couldn't talk ya out of the chlorinator, huh? Will you just be keeping that for back up use?? Or....?

Maddie :flower:


May 21, 2018
Lorena, TX
I went with company "A".

I was not able to talk the wife out of the chlorinator. She was told that Salt would ruin the pool and it stuck.

Will try to post more pics tomorrow. The plaster is going on today.

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May 3, 2014
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Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
I was not able to talk the wife out of the chlorinator. She was told that Salt would ruin the pool and it stuck.

Start lining up a good source for liquid chlorine. After the first year you will be close to the salinity of a SW pool.


May 21, 2018
Lorena, TX
Ok I have to go back and read the basics, I was honestly not thinking the pool would be done this fast. The pool company is supposed to come tomorrow and get the chemicals right to start us off.

On a side note: We have water!.. It took 25 hours to fill it up to the tile.

Plaster and filling up the pool:

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Jun 22, 2014
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Make sure when the water goes in and the installer starts to add stuff, that you take good notes and write down everything that was added and how much. More than likely they'll add some conditioner (stabilizer) and perhaps some chlorine. Maybe some muriatic acid. The stabilizer is important since new water has none, so by knowing how much they added you should know your projected CYA level. From there, you'll want chlorine. Not tabets for long term because they increase the CYA too much. I get my bleach locally at HEB (regular bravo) at $2.94 a gallon. You can get muriatic acid at Lowe's Home Depot, or even the pool store which is where I grab mine since it's cheap for a 2-bottle case.


May 21, 2018
Lorena, TX
Ok I'll do this. I was also thinking that I would use regular bleach if that was acceptable. It's cheap. Is there any reason to not use dollar store bleach?


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May 3, 2014
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Ok I'll do this. I was also thinking that I would use regular bleach if that was acceptable. It's cheap. Is there any reason to not use dollar store bleach?

Just be sure it has a concentration stated on the bottle. Many dollar store bleaches do not show the concentration and thus are 3% or less.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Just be sure it has a concentration stated on the bottle. Many dollar store bleaches do not show the concentration and thus are 3% or less.

Or are older. If you do use it, check to make sure you met your FC goal after putting it in the pool. If you find it consistently works for you, great! If not..move on.

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