A lot of sand coming out of returns


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Apr 11, 2014
Central Tx
This problem started last year, when I noticed that every time I turned the pump on, a small amount of sand would blow out of the returns then stop after 3-5 seconds. Because of this, I did some research on here and the most common suggestion was to replace the laterals because one was probably cracked. So last year, I replaced all 8 laterals and the hub, but noticed none of them were cracked. I also replaced the multi-function valve gasket in case sand was somehow getting past that. While I was in there, I also replaced all the sand. Nothing changed but it was livable so I just left it as is.

Fast forward to this year, and it's getting worse. The pool constantly has a thin layer of sand on the bottom and it looks terrible. Also, when I backwash, a lot of sand comes out of the hose. There's a pile of sand at the bottom of my driveway from backwashing. What else could be causing this?


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Jun 13, 2017
Rochester, MN
If the sand size was not the issue, anything else that would cause this?
Too much sand in the filter, crack in the laterals or stand pipe, sand in the stand pipe from when the sand was replaced are the top thoughts I have. Since you checked everything last year, probably not cracks. Sand is somehow getting into the stand pipe or laterals and water pressure is sending it out of the return and backwash port. Has your pressure changed? I'd think if you're truly losing a lot of sand from the filter, the pressure would drop because there is less resistance.