A little miffed and some concerns


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Mar 29, 2008
Evans, GA
Well, the pool construction is almost done. They started yesterday about 11:30ish and there were 3 of them. Bt 4:30 it was down to 2. The guy in charge left the 2 others to finish the job. Needless to say the pool wall gave them a bit of trouble so it took them a long time. It was a hair off and the holes weren't lining up so they can put the screws in. Ok so what ever. Then I noticed that when they were leveling and smoothing out the pool that they used some of the dirt that they cleared out along with some of the sand they brought in and sorta mixed in. I don't think this is good is it? I asked about spraying for the nut grass and they told me that it was already mixed in the sand. Kinda makes me wonder if that isn't defeating the purpose if they just used dirt from my yard to add to leveling out the inside of the pool.

Also, I didn't expect them to have to dig as far down as they did. Almost 2 feet on one side. So now the pool is all nice and flat on the back side and then on the front I have this big ole 2 foot drop off! How the heck will I ever fix that! Since I don't want to back fill the dirt against the pool wall. That will make the wall real short on that side and I have 2 little kids that would be able to climb in then!

The guys finally got done putting in the wall and liner. I started the water, was told to put 12 inches in it and shut the hose and shop vac off and they would be back in the morning. Well this morning came and went, no phone call, nothing. I finally called at 1 pm and was told that the guy in charge had to go to Columbia to get the pump and ladder. WTHeck, shouldn't they already have all this??? They did bring the wrong ladder to begin with (one for a deck) Since we won't be doing a deck until the little ones are older.

To make it worse one guy asked if he could leave the "bobcat" here. I said sure. But NOT IN MY FRONT YARD ON MY GRASS! :shock: I figured he would have loaded it on the trailer and let it sit on the side of the road in front of the house. So now I have a lovely spot where he left this thing and it dug up the grass pretty good and needless to say hubby was livid when he saw it this morning! :cry:

So I am told they would be back in the morning to finish it. I am almost kinda regretting this now! :?

Also I noticed a bit ago a few wrinkles in the bottom of the pool. How are these removed? There is only about a foot of water in it. I want them out before its completely full. Hehehe until its done I am not coming off any money! :lol:

Thanks for letting me rant! :p


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Oct 18, 2007
Cedar Hill, TN
Sorry to hear about your aggravation.

The parking of the bobcat & coming back the next morning must be standard practice.
Guess they start as many pools as possible in a short time, to earn the down-payment. Than using that money to buy stuff in order to finish some the pools in a more slow pace.

Our pool builder parked his bobcat for 2 days. (The installer quit & the pool company had to hire somebody else to finish our pool. The new installer did not speak english. My husband stayed home to make sure everything was done right) We did use the bobcat while it was here, to level off all the mounds of dirt they had to dig out. Plus we cleared out some stoff on our property. That bobcat came in pretty handy for us. We had to fill the tank twice.

Hope everything turns out good for you, too.


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Mar 29, 2008
Evans, GA
ya'll wouldn't believe what a PITA this whole process has been thus far. Just our luck I guess.

Thursday came and went, Friday came and went with SOMEONE finally showing up at 6 pm to just drop off the sand filter. After I was told each day someone was coming and waiting and waiting. I got 3-4 different stories as to where the pump and ladder were and who was suppose to be getting them. :roll: I noticed last night some "wet" ground around one of the wall supports, so I dug and I mean really dug a good 4-5 in. and sure enough wet. So this morning they come back out and sure enough the liner has a small hole and is leaking. Soooooo it will be monday and they have to redo the liner.

DH has been so mad that he wanted me tell them to come and get the thing! Well at least they are making up for it by installing a 2nd pool liight on the steps and giving me start up chems. They promise to make it all right,so we will see come Monday.

Anyone else pool have install nightmares????


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Mar 29, 2008
Evans, GA
ROFL PI yeah I told them the only thing I really wanted was the calcium hardness stuff. I was going BBB. Dude kinda frowned on that said that bleach is bad for the liner :roll: WTH is in a bag of shock then???? 99% inert materials????


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May 10, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA

hang in there... i would very uneducatedly guess that somewhere well over 50% of all pool builds are very unprofessional, and the more you know (which you know too much by being at this site too much,) the more you realize just how wide the gap is from a professional installation.

i don't even care to give you a taste of mine... no need to rattle my nerves and increase my blood pressure today.

just keep kicking and screaming, AND witholding money as long as you can, and more than likely you will be truly enjoying your pool soon. the sooner they're out of your yard and you can begin taking care of it... with bleach??? you gotta be kiddin me !!!!

by the way... once anyone with any knowledge has had a pool built, and suffered the problems, has NO excuse for not seeing an opportunity to make a GOOD LIVING by becoming a pool buildier, and KNOWING that you could do a better job than the current competition. Go for it!!

hang tuff, lulu!!!


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Apr 2, 2008
Acton Maine
Lulu did you go with the co. I warned you about??? Be very careful and make sure they are putting any changes being "added" in for free in writing or you may see a charge for it later. Just FYI ask me that what happened with my spa.


cool, i would love them to leave a bobcat in my front yard for a couple of days, mid evil rampage of the neighborhood In my book :lol:

o yea and i could take all the dirt and drop it on our neighbors (which we hate) convertible when the top is down. :evil: