A.G. lighting - Suggestions?


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Jun 18, 2007
Charleston, SC
Our A.G. pool doesnt have any lights at all, and I am trying to find a suitable solution for it. We would love to do some night swimming, but would like some light in the pool.

Any suggestions on a good light that I could add to the pool (either floating or hanging on the side).



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Apr 2, 2007
Aqualuminator - it replaces your return jet, or you can add it as a second return jet since the fitting is different (if you run a cleaner off the return), it has a fountain attachment that can be bought seperate and is really cool too!
If you decide on this light, get the LED multi color - you won't regret it and won't ever have to change a bulb either.


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Jun 22, 2007
I bought a GlowBuoy late last season.

It's a floating, rechargable lamp (the bulb appears to be a compact fluorscent bulb) that lights up the entire bottom of the pool. The kids (10,12 and 14) have been instructed not to ride, throw or dunk the unit and so far...it's held up nicely.

Granted...ideally it would stay in the center...but in our 24' round pool...when it wanders to the pool side...it still lights up the entire pool (albeit a little unevenly) enough to enjoy the swim.

I recall reading where the charge lasts for 4 hours. Our night swims typically start around 9 or 9:30 and last till 11:30 or midnight at the latest. We've never run it out of light. I don't ever recalling (or noticing) the unit even dimming.

It comes with a styrofoam base which acts as a charging stand. We keep it on a small table next to the backyard sliding door. When it's not being used....it's being charged. During non-swimming months...we store it in the basement.

Advantage of the GlowBuoy...no electrician or wiring...or city inspections required.

I think I paid $111 shipped from poolsupplyworld.com