A few questions regarding a new Stenner pump installation


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Feb 28, 2020
Leander, Texas
@kffolts the only thing I can see theat you are going to be changing in the NEAR future is the tube leading out of the discharge.
That white tube does not stand up well in sunlight, and should be replaced with some of the black UV resistant tube within the year.
thanks, I'm aware. The white tube came with the pump. So, I'm using it for and bit and replace in the spring.


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Feb 24, 2020
Southern California
Off topic - has anyone in Austin, TX done a Stenner installation and used a contractor to do it (I am not handy - 2 left hands 🤓) - so if anyone has used a contractor to handle this, I will be eternally grateful......until then its manual dosing
It is very easy to do. You make a couple cuts on your return line after the heater and glue in a PVC T fitting with a threaded opening for the Stenner feeder line to screw into and that’s about it. If you can screw and unscrew plastic lids and put glue on things you can do this. I think your 2 left hands can do this. I think a blindfolded person could pull it off with a little help haha.
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