A few questions before I try to open the pool this year.


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May 26, 2015
This is our 5th year with an old ingroud pool. 1st year was so easy using the methods used on this website. 2nd year the pool fought me the whole year. I don't know what was different that year. I did everything the same as the first. The pool has not been opened in the last 2 years. I opened the cover to take a look at the water this morning. The water is clear but has tons of dirt and algae from sitting the last 2 years. I know as soon as I brush, the pool will all turn green. I have a few questions to reassure myself before I get started. It's like I forgot everything from the pool sitting the last 2 years. I have been rereading everything to make sure I have everything in order before I start.

1. Can I try to vacuum the bottom first so I can try to get rid of some of the dirt and algae first. Is it okay to vacuum on filter? Or will it be bad on the sand filter to do this? The pool shouldn't have much debris on the bottom. It was clean when I covered it with the mesh safety cover the last time it was open. I know I can vacuum to waste but I would lose tons of water vacuuming the whole pool to waste. The first time I ever opened this pool, I just started brushing, scooping debris, and slamming. That is what I did the first year we opened the pool. It was pretty bad the first time we opened the pool. I think it took 2 weeks to get clean the first time.
2. The pool will have 0 stabilizer. I think I read the pool at least needs 30ppm while slamming. Picked up new stabilizer yesterday and will add it to a sock when I get the cover off and the filter running. I know I will lose some as I backwash and clean but will add enough to shoot for 30ppm to start. Then recheck when the pool is finished slamming. Should this be the plan? The pool had 40ppm of stabilizer the last year it was open. I have partially drained the pool numerous times over the last 2 years when it was getting too full. It should be 0 by now. I have 3 year old testing supplies. I know some are only good for 1 year. Is the CYA testing reagents good for more than 1 year? If so I will test it first.

I have new TF-100 refills that should be here by the end of the week. I don't work in the summer so I will be adding bleach and checking things by the hour once I get started. It should not take me too long to open the pool and get the slam done. Still a newbie with all this pool stuff. Hopefully this pool season goes well.

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You've a good basic memory of what to expect. As to whether or not to vacuum to waste versus scooping/sweeping, that's your call really. I think a lot of folks would try to vacuum as much junk out right away just to get it out of the system and help the SLAM work faster, but it's you call. A CYA of 30 is correct, with the FC level being a 12. Don't forget to lower the pH first though to about 7.2 before increasing the chlorine level. Always refer to the page as a reminder.