A few questions about media and pipe size


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May 13, 2009
Is ZeoBrite the same as DE?
Why 2" pipe and fixed?

We are just starting our "pool search" after losing an HOA battle for and AGP. I'm finding that Pool builders really don't want to talk to me about a "small pool" install. One builder I called only bragged about the $100,000 + pool he was building one town over. I told him I just want to know what they can do in the space we have. Fairly flat yard, only 830 sq. feet total to work with (pool and decking). Our yard is large, but we have some dumb rule to preserve the lakes so we can only cover 25% in hardcover (yes, the pool area is counted in their calculation)

So the one builder came to talk with us. I asked if he uses 2" pipe and he said yes. But his quote uses 1.5" flexpipe (to reduce leaks he says) and rigid 1.5" above ground at pad. So I get a bad feeling when he says yes to two inches, but then his contract states 1.5.

Now the Zeobrite issue. Personally, I think I would like the cartridge so I don't have to worry about backwash ruining my (or my downhill neighbors) landscape.

Also, if you have any suggestions on how I can get PB out to talk with me about their pricing. I am honest, we aren't ready for a pool yet and it probably won't happen next year either. I realize PB don't want to waste their time driving to a potential sale that won't be for 2+ years. But if we don't have any idea of the cost and thoughts they have, we can't start saving money.

Cripes, I have a rough estimate that a basic pool (16 x 37) rectangle with only a 3' deck is going to be 50,000. I want some "coolness" to my pool so I'm sure I'll be out more, but how much is the question?

Thanks for the input!

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May 20, 2007
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Zeobrite is a cellulose based substitute for DE. While not quite as good at filtering small particulates, it is better for the environment.

$50K seems very high.

Glad you noticed the 1.5 vs 2 inch. The lesson people forget is to read what is written.

Pool sales take time. Don't worry what they think, they have to worry more about what you think. It's your money, your pool. Business is business, not a friendship, though if that happens along the way, so much the better.


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Oct 29, 2009
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Not to beat up on Scott, but he's wrong!!! Zeobrite is a sand substitute (made from zeolite minerals, tee hee) that claims DE-quality filtering; Fiber Clear (among other brands) is a cellulose-based DE replacement. Some TFPers have used fiber clear, with varying results and opinions. Personally I like my cartridge filter, especially with an SWG.

Something else to consider: do pavers count as "hardcover" in your yard? If they wouldn't count toward your total, that would definitely free up some options.


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May 13, 2009
Pavers, boulders and landscape fabric...all count towards hardcover. We could put them in after the fact as long as the city never finds out. Hard to do when they take arial pictures in the winter!

Suggestions welcome!