A different kind of backyard oasis


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May 18, 2012
Greensboro NC
Our idea of a perfect back yard is a little different, but we love it!

We moved into this place in April, house was build in 1954, pool is > 20 years old. Still have a lot to do, have a screened in gazebo with hot tub that hasn't been opened yet. And I need a pressure washer for that deck!

Had to tear down this:

To put up this:

To make a home for these:

Mid-Summer Harvest

Technically from the front yard, but we got 2.5 gallons of honey from our first summer! The bees have done SO well I wish we had started with more hives: (I know the grass needs mowing, normally doesn't get that high, but we had been getting A LOT of rain, and I had just returned from a week out of town on business)