A Couple of Questions about the EasyTouch


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Jun 2, 2007
Annandale, VA
Couple questions about the Easytouch....

- Can you "upgrade" the 4 relay model by just adding more relays as needed, or is the Easytouch computer limiting?
- Can you add the SCG power center to the basic Easytouch 4 model at a later date? Some people may want to integrate the Easytouch with there current SWCG at the time of install, but may choose to upgrade once their current SWCG cell goes kaput.

BTW, if anyone is thinking of saving a couple hundred and getting the Suntouch, please don't. I've had it a few years and cringe whenever I see the rats nest of wires and relays crammed into such a small box.


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Jul 7, 2014
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You can't just add relays, you have to replace the entire mother board and add the missing relays.

If you do not use solar, you can add an additional relay using the solar output... Called AuxEx...

You can either buy the EasyTouch with the built-in SWCG system, or you can buy the standalone Intellichlor and power supply, and then connect it to the original EasyTouch. Although, if you buy the built-in version it can often be much cheaper.

One last thing in case you are looking for a "Cheap" EasyTouch.. I would stay away for their "lite" line.. The model number will have an "L" in it like... PL4 or PSL4...

On another last thing... The EasyTouch comes in Pool OR Spa only model or Pool AND Spa model.. Make sure you know which one is the one you need...

Here is a link to a site that has a pretty good overview of what is available. http://www.sunplay.com/pentair-easytouch-control-systems

And now that you have me started... :p Buying an EasyTouch without ScreenLogic, should be illegal, in my opinion... You can thank me later.. :cool:

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.


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Jun 2, 2007
Annandale, VA
My current SWCG is about 6 years old. In theory the cell should fail any year now(?) Maybe I'll wait until then and buy the combo Easytouch with the built in SWCG.

The only shortcoming I see with the "L" line is it doesn't let you integrate circuit breakers. Is there anything else to be aware of?
If I add a 2 speed relay does it occupy on of the 4 relay slots, leaving only two others? (pump relay is #1)

I don't get the ScreenLogic. I don't have a spa, and can't think of what I would want to control remotely since everythings setup on a timer. Maybe I'm missing something?


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