A couple of questions about AGP with SWG in Florida

I have had intex pools for several years, various different kinds/sizes. I'm closing in on exactly what works for me: 22' ultraframe with added Haywood through-wall skimmer, sand filter, chlorine generator, pvc pipe, wood deck stairs, tank filler, overflow spout.
I just have to figure out a couple more things....

First, I love the sand filter and chlorine generator, it does the bulk of daily maintenance for me without routinely requiring gallons of chemicals, I just have to tinker now and then. The main challenge I have, being in central Florida, is all the rain - I had to add an overflow drain because it often overtops the edges and that would put too much pressure on the frame. Adding a small stock tank filler for the *other* part of the year when everything evaporates due to the daily blazing inferno overhead, I can keep the water level stable. The problem is the salt level, I keep getting low salt errors (no it's not a dirty sensor, I clean that regularly). Since there keeps being more water added to the system in the rain, it keeps diluting the salt. I'd like to know if anyone has a similar issue, or a way to add salt when it senses a low amount? (Besides lugging a bag of salt over there and dumping in some randomly guessed amount, I mean).

The second question is about the steps - I'm definitely not a featherweight and those flimsy aluminum ladders are useless. I have built a set of wooden steps for the outside, but inside is still a problem. I've tried plastic steps but they don't feel sturdy and that just makes me hate getting in the pool. I've tried building a ladder out of 2" pvc and that was ok until the glue dissolved and pipe cracked (a combination of chlorine and the vicious Florida sun). Now I want to try adding to the deck part of the wood stairs - if I attached stringers etc so it would extend down into the pool, with the base touching a few pool pads for cushioning, I think it would be nicely sturdy without destroying the liner. My question is about chemistry: would the copper stuff in pressure treated wood react poorly to anything in the SWG system?


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I don't know about the copper stuff in the pressure treatment but wood in a pool=yuck and very fast. No matter how well pressure treated the wood is the wood will still get water logged and fast. Add the salt to it and stuff happens fast.

I would keep on the look out for different steps sold for above ground pools that can attach to a deck. There are several. They even have a load rating you can look up.



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You get 50" of rain annually. That means you essentially refill your pool each year. Adding salt is unavoidable.

Wooden steps into the pool would be fine but they will attract algae quickly and become slippery. Secondly they will show a lot of deterioration and stress right at the waterline and I doubt you will get more than a year or two out of them