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Thread: Sta-Rite pump rebuild - you can do this!

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    Sta-Rite pump rebuild - you can do this!

    After 10 years the motor burned out on my DuraGlasII. Since the rest of the device was working OK, I decided to replace the motor and whatever consumable parts would be removed. The motor was an easy find and I got a fair price online. I used the local pool store for the o-rings and that's where things got difficult. Both local "major" pool stores have their own catalogs and SKUs for OEM parts. And they both substituted a round o-ring for the rectangular one that is the main pump seal. The clerk tried to be helpful and even swiped a tube of silicone sealant from the repair techs kit thinking it would make it work.
    Well it didn't. The pump spun-up very smoothly and quietly and leaked bigtime. The second major store insisted that their round o-ring would work, and were numb to my explanation of why it would not, and that their catalog was wrong.
    I had not initially called StaRite, but finally did and now the correct part is on the way.
    The lesson learned here is that my instinct that these people didn't know anything except how to operate a cash register was correct. I should have just walked away. If I ever rebuild another pump I'll work only with the factory.
    But despite this complication I want to encourage others to take a crack at this task. I had a recommended service company, but since I was 7 miles away, didn't want to work outside their service radius!! I have tools and can use them without injuring myself, so decided to do the job myself. It was not complex or challenging. As I have mentioned, the only problem was getting the right parts.
    So go do it - and save yourself some money!
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    Re: Sta-Rite pump rebuild - you can do this!

    Pete, GREAT post!!

    I do want to remind you and all others that this site can often be a LOT of help when the pool stores start shoveling the 'crapola' and can give detailed advice on the process of working on your equipment so you don't have to call out the service guys ( I happen to be one ).

    Thanks for encouraging folks to try it themselves, if it's within their 'comfort level'! As you've now done a motor replacement yourself, I'm sure you will be among those who will offer help to others trying it for the first time

    Hope all else is good with your pool!
    Luv& Luk

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