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Thread: uv light

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    uv light

    I have a bacqucil 18 ft above ground pool with solar heat for 4 years. this last year I could not control algae. I would not care to go back to bleach.
    Question is would Ultra Violet light be compatible with bacqucil and control algae

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    Re: uv light

    Welcome to TFP!

    UV is largely ineffective against algae. A sufficiently bright UV light will kill any algae which comes close to it, but the majority of the algae, which remains in the pool and does not get right next to the light, will not be affected at all. A UV system will improve water clarity by killing some of the free floating algae, but will never kill all of the algae. Swimming pool UV systems are designed primarily to reduce CC levels, and are really only useful in spas and indoor pools.

    Most bacquacil users experience significant problems with algae after the first year or two. There is really only one thing you can do to avoid this, replace most of your pool water and your filter media (sand, DE & grids, or cartridge) every year or two. Most people find it simpler to switch to a different sanitizer rather than go through that process every year or two.
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    Re: uv light

    If the reason you don't want to go back to using bleach (or chlorinating liquid) for a chlorine pool is that frequent addition is inconvenient, you can consider several automated options. One is a saltwater chlorine generator (SWG), another is a peristaltic pump, another is The Liquidator (though some find issues with it while for others it works out OK). Even with manual dosing, if you have a pool cover you can often just add chlorine twice a week (that's what I do with my pool). Without a pool cover, you may need to add it every day or two.

    Other alternatives, that are more expensive, include using Trichlor pucks/tabs along with a weekly algaecide such as PolyQuat 60 and periodic dilution of the water.

    It's unfortunate that there isn't a concentrated source of chlorine that is inexpensive, slow-dissolving, and does not contribute to Cyanuric Acid (CYA) or Calcium Hardness (CH), but that's the way it is. The SWG is the closest you get to convenience since the chlorine is essentially made "on-site".

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