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Thread: Skimmer Nets

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    Skimmer Nets

    How many of you use them? or
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    Love the skimmer socks Saves me from cleaning the cart filter too often
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    I use one,

    Really takes out a lot of junk, cutting down how much I have to backwash, saving water.

    A bit more work since the skimmer will need to be cleaned more, but worth it for me.

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    Yeppers, saves our pump, etc from the fuzzy **** that invades our skies at this time of year. It looks like a Cotton Gin vomitted in our yard.
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    I like mine, too. I get cedar needles that can fit through the skimmer basket and get caught in the pump basket. It's easier to change the socks than clean the pump basket.

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    I started using these a few weeks ago. Had noticed more pollen or whatever fine stuff floating on the water than any year previously.

    Huge difference. The stuff these things catch is amazing. I've been cleaning mine every day or so, and am amazed everytime I do. Should definitely extend the need for filter breakdowns and cleaning.

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    Can't beat them
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    Thought I should add, someone in another thread mentioned using the knee high pantyhose from walmart for like $.39. When the three I have wear out I plan to try these as well.

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    Been using them for a few years now, won't be without them!
    Kneehighs don't seem to be as fine a material as the skimmer socks I have seen. Haven't tried them but I don't think they will filter the fine stuff as well.

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    Totally love them, saves from anything going through skimmer and ending up in pump one, which will cut down on suction.


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    Okay, I'm confused. The OP was "Skimmer Nets" but I believe all the answers were for skimmer socks.

    I started using skimmer socks and do love them. I also use skimmer nets, which, to me are those things that look like a tennis racket that you use to skim the surface of your water for floating debris.

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    I had the same reaction as you. I thought a skimmer net was the thing on the end of a pole that you skimmed the surface of your pool with. Skimmer socks are what you place on your skimmer basket to "pre-filter" your filter.
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    New pool owner here. What is the best way to put the knee highs/skimmer sock on the skimmer basket? Do you just pull it over the basket from the bottom and should you not let it go over the top/opening of the basket? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by engteach43
    New pool owner here. What is the best way to put the knee highs/skimmer sock on the skimmer basket? Do you just pull it over the basket from the bottom and should you not let it go over the top/opening of the basket? Thanks.

    Do not do that, I did that with a skimmer sock, not knowing what I was doing.

    Went out the next morning, checked on the skimmer basket, and the sock was gone! Realized what had happened, and ran in and checked on the pump. Bingo, there was the sock, sitting in the pump strainer basket. Luckily, enough water got by still so that nothing bad happened

    You want your skimmer sock/knee highs on the INSIDE of the skimmer basket, hooking the edges over the rim.

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