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Thread: Advice needed on a pool care "system" -- commercial or other

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    Advice needed on a pool care "system" -- commercial or other

    We've had an inground pool (came with the house), 20,000 gal vinyl, 1 HP pump, 250 lb sand filter. Just started our 3rd season this year.

    I frequently travel for business (might be gone for up to 2 weeks at a time) and need something easy for the wife to manage while I'm gone.

    Putting on a geeky chemistry cap daily, mixing chemicals, etc. just won't work for her on a daily basis.

    So we started out with Baquacil, because of the "weekly/monthly" schedule, and the fact that the pool store that can computer scan Baq water samples is only a few blocks from the house.

    But I'm running into all sorts of problems opening this year, and dumping literally hundreds of dollars in chemicals to get my water clear, with mixed success. (I mean how could my pool have 70 ppm baq before I even put a drop in it, at opening? ugh)

    So I found this forum -- I'm here. I'm not concentrating on the current problems in this posting, but looking towards the future, for a better "wheel."

    I've read up on BBB and SWG -- both interesting.

    But what recommendations -- home-remedy-style or commercial -- can you provide for minimal monitoring (every other day), easily forgiving/correcting, and provides consistent results? ie - something monthly/weekly -- almost maintenance-based. Is this too much to expect?

    We most likely won't be in this house for the next 10 years and living in the Northeast, we only have a few months of pool weather. That has given me pause when looking at a SWG system that's $1000 or more.

    I feel after spending $$$ on Baq, I can justify just about anything -- but would like to be practical about it.

    If any of this makes sense -- I'd appreciate your comments/thoughts.

    Thanks! Great site!!!
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    I would recommend going with a SWG. It won't eliminate pool maintenance but it will cut it down. You still need to test your water weekly and monitor your chemical levels and you will still need ot make adjustments. The other thing I would suggest would be an automatic pool cleaner. Definitely cuts down on pool maintenance!

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    Waterbear made some excellant suggestions. I'd say either that or hire a pool service.

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    BBB is not so hard either. 99% of that involves "add bleach" so I really do only spend 2 mins a day unless there are unforseen circumstances (read 10" of rain in 2 wks) and THATS when you need to mix chemicals, etc - but the suggestions above for the SWG or Pool Guy are easier, just more expensive is all. Either way, the automatic pool cleaner is a HUGE help.
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    I think you have the best options here.

    I have a buddy in Dallas that has a pool guy come out every week, pays $11 per week and everything is done for him. He has used this guy for years and never had any issues. I know that if I could get it that cheap I would do it that way also. You may want to call around.
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