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Thread: Hi, I'm new to the fourm

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    Hi, I'm new to the fourm

    Hello, I've just bought a home with a pool and will be needing some hand-holding as I learn how all of this is done. I've never had a pool but I was an avid fish-keeper and so some of the equipment does resemble the filters and such that I've known from the aquarium world -- much bigger of course! And, instead of trying to grow plants underwater, I will be trying to NOT grow plants. Chemistry was not my strong suit in college but I think God loves irony and so all my hobbies seem to revolve around chemistry.

    I'm working my way through the old posts, the school info, and just skipping around randomly right now. Time is short and I still have much to do as we are in-between homes sort of. Bought the new one and have moved small stuff in ourselves as we began to market this old home. Now, we have a contract on the old home and need to pick up speed to get out of here by closing.

    Have had contact with several of the local Houston pool companies at this point. Prices are breath-taking, got charged $89 for them to return to repair something that leaked after they worked on it - ouch. So, lesson learned, we need to be smart about this and call those companies as little as possible.

    Sounds like the first thing I need to get is a decent test kit. I have had one water test done, to confirm my very low chlorine levels seen via test strips. No one mentiond the rather high CYA level of 100 as why free chlorine was so hard to keep up. I already invested in a huge bucket of pucks and shock and have the chlorinator turned to max at 5, so I guess I will turn it down and switch to bleach and take a look at that CYA level. Also, the free chlorine and total chlorine are not the same, so I think that means something maybe.

    With the planted fish tanks I mixed my own fertilizers from dry chemicals so the BBB method will appeal to me. So, test kit, and maybe I need to order a spare cartridge for the filter (only 1? there are 4 in there) and maybe an o-ring (will need it soon based on the lack of gap in band around filter) and maybe that Water Wand thing (if anyone thinks it is useful for washing cartridges).

    Welcoming all advice -- bring it on!

    Ann, The Woodlands, TX
    23,000 gallon in ground pool with rock waterfall and spillover spa, Aqualink control system, Polaris 380 cleaner, Purex Triton Clean&Clear Plus cartridge filter. Located in The Woodlands, Texas.

    Pool owner since Nov 2008, Trouble Free since April 2009. Happy to help when I can.

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    Re: Hi, I'm new to the fourm

    Welcome to the forum. A full set of water test numbers will allow people to guide you in the right direction. A good test is worth its weight in gold, head off potential problems. It also helps to put your pool info in your signature. The people here are very knowledgable and will save you both time and money in caring for your pool.

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    Re: Hi, I'm new to the fourm

    Welcome, Ann!

    Definitely invest in a good test kit ASAP.

    As for the cartridge, I'd do that on an as needed basis. It's nice to have an extra set around so you have time to really clean and dry the dirty ones, but swapping 8 filters around can get cumbersome. Up to you!

    Hope we can save you a few $89 calls!

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    Re: Hi, I'm new to the fourm

    You might find this post helpful in learning how to clean a cart.

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    Re: Hi, I'm new to the fourm

    Hi Ann,

    Congratulations on your new home with a pool! 8)

    The best investment we made in our pool was a good test kit!
    It will save you time and $$ and you will be in control of your pool.

    I recommend the TF100 test kit. It is sold by duraleigh, one of our members.
    He has excellent customer service and is always around to offer help anytime needed.
    Link in my sig & on home page.

    When you have some time, add your pool and equipment info in your sig.

    You've done a great job reading and getting a handle on your pool knowledge!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Re: Hi, I'm new to the fourm

    Nothing else to add, just wanted to say Welcome to TFP!
    TFP Founder

    My Pool: 13K gal IG gunite with 7' spa, Pentair Cartridge Filter, Intellichlor IC40 SWG, Polaris 280 Cleaner, TF-100 Test Kit w/ salt test.

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    Re: Hi, I'm new to the fourm

    Welcome!!! Take it from another noob, this place is great and very helpful and knowledgeable people. You will enjoy it!!!
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    Re: Hi, I'm new to the fourm

    I'm a newbie too...just finished my first summer with a real pool!!! This is the only place to get advice from...pool stores only want one thing...and that is to separate you from your is the best part...I spent more on pool toys then I did on chemicals this summer...Next year I build deck...I know people who have pool smaller than mine, and it is outrageous what they spent last summer on chemicals...

    This is the place to be...

    Ask the question what ever it may be and someone will have the answer.
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