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Thread: Leak . Please Help. Losing 1" every 2 days

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    Leak . Please Help. Losing 1" every 2 days

    Hi there,

    So I was closing my above ground pool a few weeks ago and I noticed that there was some water pooling on the outside of my pool on the ground. I dug a bit underneath where the ground meets the pool and you can actually see the water running along the track and then dripping down onto the ground.

    I called a pool/leak company to come out and look. Theyve been out here twice now and cannot find the leak. The first time they came out they used a leak detector. The detector made a large humming noise around where the leak was on the bottom of the pool. However when they squirted phenol with syringe over the area, nothing happened so the leak wasn't actually there. They've scanned the rest of the pool with the leak detector and get no other readings. They said they came back yesterday to try again and still found nothing. I'm getting frustrated with how slow they seem to respond to this and get the feeling that they don't know what to do about it.

    I wanted to drain the pool until the leak stopped but they told me the walls would fall in. If that's the case that's fine i suppose but there must be a minimum amount of water that I could drain it down to (at the very least) to eliminate more surface area for where the leak is. The water level is currently at 3 ft and if the leak detector couldn't find any other places on the ground that were candidates it would lead me to believe that the leak is on the wall so draining it would help I'd think. I've jumped in with my wetsuit and felt around the walls for anything unusual but still can't find anything. I would love to try using a red dye of some sort but wouldn't that be a ton of money for red food coloring (i see that one thing of food coloring is like 5 bucks and its tiny).

    1) What is the minimum depth I can drain my pool to ?

    2) If i chose to try and use dye to find the leak myself does anyone have suggestions for where I can get a sizable amount of phenol or red food coloring and also a syringe. I just didn't think walmart or homedepot type stores would carry the syringe and the dye I would guess could cost me a lot .

    3) Also, is it silly to be thinking I could go around and squirt every inch of the pool walls with dye ? Would that cloud up the pool ? (since i've already closed the pool and put away the pumps etc. the pool is slowly accuring algae which is another reason I'm in a rush to get this done before I lose visibility.

    Sorry for being so wordy. Thank you to whomever reads this.

    sbelgrave @ Westminster, MD
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    Re: Leak . Please Help. Losing 1" every 2 days

    If you're only losing 1" in 2 days, I doubt you'll find it with a dye of any kind. I would let it drain to just below the lowest fitting, probably a return in your case, to rule out any existing penetrations in the wall. Then take a closer look at where they were testing. If that's where current was flowing to, there's probably a good reason. Again, at that slow of a rate they wouldn't have had much luck with the dye. Take a close look at the seam in that spot and do some poking around.

    It's also worth taking a look at the wall from the outside. AG pools are great targets for pellet guns, rocks shot from lawn mowers, etc., so you never know.

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