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Thread: A few questions about closing my pool

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    A few questions about closing my pool

    Hi Everyone,

    Great pool season coming to a close. I used the BBB all summer and had not one problem!! Thanks everyone for your help. But now we all up north have to say goodnight to our happy warm days of sumer and prepare for the wintery days ahead of us.

    This is my first winter closing and Im using the post that MWMNMom posted a while ago it is here closing-ag-pool-using-cover-where-it-freezes-solid-t2904.html?hilit=closing

    I followed it to the *T* so far except the draining of too much water, asked about, in my questions below.

    My questions are:

    1) I am going to bring my filter into the heated garage for the winter. Should I take the top valve off of it and clean/lube it up and keep it off for the winter? And what do I lube/not lube and watch out for?

    2) I have a mesh cover, I have grommets about every 1 1/2 feet apart and it does get windy here in the winter. Should I put 1 bleach bottle, filled with water, on each grommet? Thats about 20 bottles. I was going to put them on the ground and run a rope to each one. They wont be hanging from the cover.

    3) I drained the pool to 9 inches,(by mistake) below my return. Is it going to hurt the pool at all to have it drained down that far? Should I uncover it and add some water to it? (The mesh cover will let the rain water fill the pool some this fall)

    4) Also my CYA was high 70ppm so I shocked to 28ppm and then added a qt. of Poly to it also, and let it run for 24 hrs. Is this how high you would have shocked the pool to close or should I have shocked at a lower level?

    5) My pool, heater has been drained and is shut off of course, Should I cover the inlet and outlet and leave the drain plugs out or just leave it all open and tarp it? Or not tarp it and leave it open for the winter? What do you guys recommend or do with yours?

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

    24' round Vinyl liner Doughboy 48" deep 52" sidewall
    1hp Doughboy pump w/timer
    Doughboy Silica II filter with Zeosand
    Raypak 180,00 btu heater
    BBB method
    Sundance Optima '97 450 gal. spa w/Delzone ozonator
    Beats driving to the lake, and I'm only a block away from the lake!!

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    Re: A few questions about closing my pool

    Brian, I really appreciate your input on the post about diagnosing a heater!!

    With a mesh cover I wouldn't worry about taking too much water out of the pool, especially if you want to lower the cya.

    I'd leave enough rope on the bottles to let them sit on the ground (why put more pressure on them?) and space them as your weather requires (ie. if the wind normally hits from the west, put more there and fewer on the east side)

    I'm not an expert on the shock levels, but I think what you did is fine - as long as the shock level won't harm the pool or liner, I'm of the school that more is better

    I hope you have a great winter!! Please remember to stop by here as I'd like to see this site active all year (I've talked a couple of members into waiting til this winter to get advice on some 'how to' projects, I'm sure your input would be VERY welcome 8) )

    Have a great winter and I hope to see you here next spring, if not before

    Luv& Luk

    Having done construction and service for 4 pool companies in 4 states starting in 1988, what I know about pools could fill a couple of books - what I don't know could fill a couple of libraries :-D

    POOL SCHOOL, TF Testkits, Jason's Pool Calculator, CYA vs. cl chart, (Just a few DARNED handy links!)

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