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Thread: Squirrels and pool cover

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    Squirrels and pool cover

    I had to replace my above ground cover this year because squirrels ripped the last one to shreds along the railing.

    Anyone have any good tips to keep the squirrels off my new cover?!?

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    Re: Squirrels and pool cover

    Pellet gun and a good aim??

    You'll be hard pressed to keep the squirrels away. Strange that they're shredding your cover though. Are they trying to get to the water?? If so, set up a bird bath away from your pool, put some sunflower seed on the ground around it to attract the squirrels, and see if you can get them to start drinking out of the bird bath. Just my .02 .
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    Re: Squirrels and pool cover

    I had a lot of trouble with squirrels eating my tomatoes during August. We had a very hot, dry month. It was really bad as they'd just take a couple of bites and leave them in the yard. They also got the watermelons right before they were ready to pick. I finally bought some peeled garlic and spread it around my garden. I also put a bowl with water in it as I'd read that they just want fluids. Not sure which worked, but I am now able to harvest my own tomatoes! So that worked to keep them away; no idea if it will work with your pool. Some people make pepper spray; there's a variety of things that work for different people. Apparently there's a couple of commercial products that you can purchase to keep them away, but they're expensive and not reliable.

    Good luck,


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    Re: Squirrels and pool cover

    I might try the garlic thing.

    I'm thinking they are using the material to build a nest and/or are trying to sharpen their teeth when they shred it. They don't seem to be trying to get in.
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    Re: Squirrels and pool cover

    Good luck! I bought the peeled garlic at a Produce Junction if you have one nearby. I live across the street from a wooded park and we have lots of squirrels. The pool had been left closed last year from 2006 Fall; no squirrel damage on the cover, so I'm hoping they'll leave it alone going forward. But it's above ground and not near anything to jump on.

    Another thing that may help is putting used kitty litter nearby. I put an empty pail that is used to carry kitty litter from the litter boxes to the garbage can (in bags) nearby also, but the garlic already seemed to work. Google "squirrels and tomatoes" and you'll see lots of home remedies -- keep trying combinations til something works on your squirrels!

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    Re: Squirrels and pool cover

    Quote Originally Posted by shayes2
    We keep a German Sheperd in the back yard. Haven't seen a squirrel since
    I have a Belgian Shepherd, but he prefers to hang out in the house! And the 2 lazy cats aren't much help, either. They all like to hang out in the house or on the porch most of the time. Whenever I walk the dog, he's ready to chase every squirrel in the neighborhood. But when he's back home, zzzzzz!

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