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Thread: intex 24 x 48 gallons?

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    intex 24 x 48 gallons?


    ok, I have just set up my pool. Pump started running around 5pm yesterday. before that i did a quick cl and ph test.

    cl .4
    ph 7.2

    I added a little bleach 1/2 a gallon and 4 bags of salt

    just now ... I did another cl and ph test

    it appears to be the same

    cl .4
    ph 7.2

    I am going to add another 40 lb bag of salt and 32oz of borax.

    Here's the thing. Everywhere online for the metal frame size intex pool I have shows:

    24'x48" = 9,951 gallons

    the swg manual shows this pool to have:

    24'x48" = 11,483 gallons

    The owners manual for the pool doesn't state gallons anywhere.

    this makes it tough for me to gauge what I should be putting in the pool per the test results.

    Can someone confirm what the gallons for this size pool is?

    thanks in advance
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    Re: intex 24 x 48 gallons?

    Assuming your water is a little bit more than 3.5 feet deep, you can use 12,000 gal for your pool.

    Each gallon of bleach you add will raise the FC in that pool by 5ppm.

    Without CYA, it (the FC) will rapidly be burned off by the Sun.

    I suggest you concentrate on getting the CYA in there and keep the FC around 3-5ppm until the CYA stabilizes.f

    Borates and salt are both peripheral items and may cause you to overlook the importance of CYA and FC.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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