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Thread: hello and can anyone help?

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    hello and can anyone help?

    Hello all from Lincolnshire in England. I am loving the site and have learned lots.
    I have had my pool 2 years now, a small indoor fibreglassed 4m x 2m x 1.2m pool. I love it but it has its moments.

    Firstly would love one of the recommended test kits but is there any way of getting one over here?

    The BBB sounds good but I have never found anywhere that sells bleach over 5%? So if any one over here has tried it and knows where to get stronger bleach that would be great.

    My main problem is my CC level is too high at the moment, I have made it worse I now know after researching by not adding enough chlorine to reach breakpoint level. So i am now stuck with a FC of 2.4 TC of 5 Ph 7.45 CNA 6 (but it is an indoor pool ) so I have a CC of 2.6 which started as 1.2. The pool place recommended 1/2 empty which I did (possibly more than 1/2) but the CC only dropped to 2? I was then given bioguard burnout lite, which wasn't supposed to touch the FC but actually sent it too high for my machine (5+, which is annoying). So i have had to wait for this to drop so i can do a TC reading, but this doesn't seem to have helped?????

    any Ideas anyone????

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    Re: hello and can anyone help?

    Hello and welcome.

    You can send an email to TF Test and ask if they ship to England.

    I can't advise you on the indoor pool recommendations but others will I'm sure. What I do recommend is you change your thread title (just click on the edit button) and have it read something like "Help for an Indoor Pool Owner in England" or something like that and it might get you faster and appropriate responses. Good luck!
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    Re: hello and can anyone help?

    Hi, Sam,

    Welcome. "Chemgeek" owns and carefully operates an indoor pool so I would wait for his advise. I'm sure he'll see this soon.

    I sell the test kits and am happy to ship to you. The kit cost is the same but the shipping is a little pricey......generally, around $40.00 to ship overseas.

    The link is in my sig or you can email us @ and we'll get you a precise shipping cost.
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    Re: hello and can anyone help?

    Bioguard Burnout Lite appears to be a mixture of dichlor and MPS. MPS is what I would normally recommend for your situation, but dichlor is going to add CYA, which could get to be a problem. You don't want CYA going much above 20, and you need to have some idea of what your CYA level is to know how much chlorine you need to be using.

    Also, MPS will tend to read as CC on your test kit, so test results can be a little misleading for several days afterwards.
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    Re: hello and can anyone help?

    Sam, I have an indoor pool, so I can relate!

    Once you've gotten rid of your CC's, you should focus on preventing them, which is easier. First things first. . .

    Best thing I've found for knocking out CC's is sodium percarbonate. It never really caught on as a pool shock, so it's a little hard to find thru pool stores. You can order it thru a chemistry supply house. The Chemistry Store is an online source, but I'm not sure they ship internationally.

    Sodium percarb decomposes into hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate when mixed with water. B/c of the sodium carbonate it will raise your TA, so be aware of that. It's not a huge effect, but if your TA is high already, that can be an issue.

    Sodium percarb WILL knock out your CC's, but it takes out your FC also. My response to that is, what the heck, bleach is cheap. Give it 24-48 hours to work before raising your FC back to normal.

    I recently used 1/2 cup of sodium percarb to knock out a CC of 1.5. My pool is about 7000 gallons. Broadcast it over the surface of the pool and brush up any excess. Do not predissolve.

    Another option is Baquacil Oxidizer and Shock, which is a strong hydrogen peroxide solution. It does not contain any of the Baqua sanitizer (biguanide). It will take out your CC's and your FC's too. I recommend the sodium percarb b/c it's safer to transport and store.

    Good luck!

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    Re: hello and can anyone help?

    Just wanted to say "welcome to TFP!!"

    It's great to have another international member !!!

    The folks that know the chemistry are helping you - those of us that don't just sit on the side and try to learn - if you encounter equipment questions, I can often help and will 8)

    - from across the 'pond'
    Luv& Luk

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