1st let me say this site has been invaluable in getting me started and on the right track. I appreciate all the help so far.

ow I know generally most TFPer's don't care much for ozone Generators's, and had I found this site before building my pool, I probably would not have had one installed. But I do have one now, so I'm just curious about the best way to put it to use.

So if anyone has some experience I'd be interested in some feedback.

Specifically, as I understand it Chlorine is less effective at the high temperatures in SPAS, so in his case does the ozonator make a good back-up sanitizer for the SPA, epecially given that when the SPA is in use, there is a fairly rapid turnover of the wtaer in the spa?

Seconddairly, from reading the manufacturers literature I understand there are two ways of installing the ozonator, 1 being to use some form of an injection chamber, after the filter, and the 2nd being to intsall it prior to the filter, which is supposed to give a boost to filtration, but reduce sanitizing benefit. It appears my PB nstalled using the 1st method.

Any feedback on the different methods and the ease and/or dificulty of converting from one to the other would be much appreciated.