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Thread: Water grounding of AGP-help

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    Water grounding of AGP-help

    My pool has temporarily passed inspection. Apparently Massachusetts passed a new law that the water must be grounded on above ground pools. Basically the pool stores and the filter companies want nothing to do woith this and leave it up to the elecricians to come up with something. The pool store said that some electricians have been sort of coming up or making thier own part for this. Basically they claim it is made from some sprinkler system parts and is some sort of 6" double treaded brass nipple that connectes to the filter hose and then is also connected to the grounding wire?? I honestly have no idea what they are talking about. All I know is that the electrical inspector for the town I live in said even though he thinks it is ridiculous, he has to follow the law and tell us to ground the water, then he said Good luck figuring out how!
    Well, my electrician who has been researching this just called and said he found a $92 part that gets drilled into the skimmer. I really don't want to do that, I like my skimmer just the way it is!
    Any thoughts or ideas on the best way to ground my water?
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    Re: Water grounding of AGP-help

    You could make your own out of a short rod(brass, copper, etc.). The way I'm thinking is to put in a PVC Reducer Tee and have the reduced part with maybe a 1/2 or 3/4 pipe. Then get a rubber boot/coupler that has one end the size of the pipe and the other end the thickness of the rod. You may have to use more then one reducer to get the PVC off the Tee down to a size where they make a coupler that has the other end small enough to securely hold a rod.

    I'm thinking it would look something like this...

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    Re: Water grounding of AGP-help

    Get a length of copper rod and a bonding wire, attach the bonding wire to the pump and drop it over the top rail, let the inspector inspect it and pass it for final inspection, then pull it out when he leaves.
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    Re: Water grounding of AGP-help

    Thanks for the ideas! Great diagram launboy! although I am hoping for a simple solution, my husband does not do very well with these types of things, if you know what I mean! I will pass these ideas on to our electrician. I have a feeling we may hear more about this next spring when more and more pools get set up in this area.
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