9 month Dolphin 300 SI problems after controller replacement. Only wants to work for 2 - 5 minutes


Nov 20, 2018
Newnan, GA
We purchased the Dolphin 300SI in October 2018. It was awesome! We set it to run three times around the pool and it did a magnificent job. It did a magnificent job with cleaning the walls, the bench and the stairs. It was my best buddy.

About a month ago it died. Took it to the store where we replaced it and they gave us a new control pad. Warranty service was great. The store was great.

Unfortunately, our repaired Dolphin now works for about 2 - 15 minutes and stops AND/OR it tries to climb a wall but loses power when it gets to the top and falls back in and stops. I have tried everything. Unplugging, rebooting, and have played with the settings.

What am I missing? Anyone else encounter this? Hoping our issue is operator error.



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TFP Guide
Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Did they replace your unit with a new unit or repair it?

Doesn’t sound like user error to me.

What warranty is on the repair?


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Jul 5, 2018
Flower Mound, TX
My s300i (purchased Sep 2018) had some issues as well and just sent it back into Maytronics for repair. I'd suggest sending it in to their GA office to get it fixed correctly.