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Thread: Aquabot Turbo T2 DOA

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    Aquabot Turbo T2 DOA

    Has anyone here had a brand new Aquabot DOA out of the box.

    We bought one not that long ago, and one of the tank treads was stretched and it would come off the gear and get smashed against the unit.

    Emailed Aquaproducts and they are sending us two new treads, but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem before?

    The unit works fine, it's just one of the treads slides off the track and gets stuck.

    Thanks in advance.

    Other than that, it looks fantastic.

    We also have a Hayward Navigator (Poolio!) that is now our backup cleaner (and is proving its usefulness again while "The Terminator" is down)
    Inground, 2 yrs old, all Jandy gear.

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    Re: Aquabot Turbo T2 DOA

    What happened to the other member's reply to my post?

    I got a notification on it, read it while on my mobile phone and now their reply has vanished?
    Inground, 2 yrs old, all Jandy gear.

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    Re: Aquabot Turbo T2 DOA

    I have been using my Aquabot Turbo 2 for two seasons now. I left it unattended once for a long period of time, and while gone, evidently the track got tangled in the floating cord when the Aquabot climbed up above the water line, causing it to break a track in half. However, I was glad the track broke and not the cord. I went online and ordered a new set. Since the track was new and hardly worn, I chose not to replace the other one at the same time, leaving me with a spare. When I use my Aquabot, I let just enough cord float on the surface of the water to enable it to reach the full length of the pool and run the excess cord up onto the pool slide and down the ladder to the electrical outlet. this keeps the excess cord up out of the water and so far, has prevented further entangelments. BTW, I located and priced the track i needed, but when I called the company to order it, they priced it higher. When I pointed out the lower price I found on the website, they honored it. I also noticed that if you pull the Aquabot out of the water with the track side against the pool wall, the friction can pull the track off. Again, easy to put back on. My Aquabot is a life-saver. Does an excellent job of cleaning.
    18,000 gal, 18x32 IGP, vinyl liner, 3 to 5.5ft depth. One inlet/skimmer (Aqua Genie), one main drain. Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter w/filtration rate of 20 GPM/FT, Two-Speed Pentair Whisperflo 1 HP pump, Natural Gas Hayward H200 pool heater, Aquabot T2 (200 Series) Robotic Pool Cleaner (my best friend), Automatic Electric Pool Cover (2nd best friend).

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    Re: Aquabot Turbo T2 DOA

    Yeah it was weird.

    The one side track was stretched completely out of the box.

    the unit still worked, but the one stretched track would come off the pulleys as the unit worked the pool.

    That would then cause the track to get tensioned and stress the motor.

    Still waiting for the replacement parts from Aquaproducts.
    Inground, 2 yrs old, all Jandy gear.

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    Re: Aquabot Turbo T2 DOA

    Aquaproducts stood behind their product.

    I received two brand new tracks in the mail yesterday, installed them and the unit works properly now.

    No more shedding the one track and the unit has stopped "shoeshining" the pool.
    Inground, 2 yrs old, all Jandy gear.

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