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Thread: In-ground vinyl winterizing questions

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    In-ground vinyl winterizing questions

    I'm hoping to winterize my in-ground vinyl pool for the first time on my own. I live near Philadelphia so we get below-freezing winters. I've watched the pool guy do it 2 times but my memory is a bit fuzzy on sequence of events. I've a big air compressor available to blow out the lines, I've a Gizmo for the skimmer line, a "tupperware" lid cover for the skimmer opening in the pool side wall, and screw in plugs for the two discharge ports.
    My pool has two discharge ports and 1 main drain (one line with two drains).
    My questions:
    1. He never had me pump pool down below the waterline of the skimmer; other websites seem to recommend this?
    2. I was planning on getting an air valve to screw into the pump drain port (1/2" thread) to blow out the lines. Good idea? He used a large, rubber "cork" that he had his compressor hose attached to and used that inserted it into the piping (disconnected the PVC lines at unions)
    3. If ok to use the pump's drain port, in what order do I blow out first, second, and third: drains, discharge lines, skimmer?
    4. Another site recommended using some RV waterline antifreeze in the skimmer line; my guy never did, just blew it out, sucked water out of skimmer itself, inserted Gizmo, and tupperware lid.
    5. How many psi should I set the compressor for? I don't want to blow out a line!
    I appreciate the help.
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    Re: In-ground vinyl winterizing questions

    Hi there, if you've got the tupperware lid and plugs, not necessary to drain below them.

    I have seen both methods, RV antifreeze or air.

    I can't advise you on the PSI for the airpump tho...sorry bout that.

    We have a screw on air valve, attaches to our multiport valve. We use a portable plug-in pump for inflating tires, take it back there and hook it up to the valve and we blow it thru our bottom drain port till we see air bubbles breaking the pool surface. We cover our skimmer with the lid, and remove temporary hoses and filter/pump to the shed, dry thouroughly of course.... the fixed PVC plumbing and the heater are also blown out with air. Good luck!
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    Re: In-ground vinyl winterizing questions

    The PSI setting doesn't matter a great deal. It can't be too low or it won't work, but high is fine. The other end of the pipe is going to be open to the air, so the only pressure you will be able to create is the resistance of the water. So, there really isn't any way you can use too much pressure.
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    Re: In-ground vinyl winterizing questions

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Jason wrote up a post on closing last year here I added a few tips for folks who don't want to lower the pool (you can blow the skimmer from the pad, it just takes longer - though if you shop vac as much water as possible from the line, it would speed things up) I've heard to use a rolling pin to make sure that the skimmer door fully seals.

    I'd recommend the RV antifreeze in the skimmer, just as insurance - a gallon of propylene glycol is a lot less expensive than having to run a new line

    Good luck with the closing, we'll be here if you have any more questions!
    Luv& Luk

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