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Thread: Test Kit needed for spa

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    Test Kit needed for spa

    Just got a new spa and need a complete test kit for it. What would you recommend? I haven't put anything in yet. Want to start out with bleach not tabs. How do I go about ordering one from this site. Thanks

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    The good news is you can order the kit by clicking on tftestkit below in my sig........but, the bad news (for me, at least ) is that I suspect this kit is not right for you.

    Because the higher temps of spas generally eat up chlorine, I believe most spas are sanitized with bromine. Some spa folks will be along soon to steer you in the right direction. I REALLY do hope my kit is the one you need but I have reservations.
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    I use the same test kit for my Chlorine Pool and my Bromine Hot Tub. Just make sure that I rinse the test tubes/vials including caps well in the water to be tested prior to each test. I also prefer to test the Hot Tub in the mornings and the pool in the evenings which allows a little time between testing and chemical applications if needed. The strange part is I use bromine tabs in the hot tubs just because I have a large bucket supply on hand but shock the hot tub with Bleach if needed.

    As far as the TF Test Kit working I would guess it will as most test kits using the OTO drop method will read both Chlorine and Bromine on the same test just different levels for the same color comparison.

    I'm not 100% sure that what I do is exactly correct or the best option but it is currently working for me. Open to comments and or suggestions. No intent to hijack the thread.
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    Actually, chlorine is used in spas quite freqently, especially if the spa gets direct sunlight and is not covered because bromine cannot be stabilzied against UV light and also because bromine is a known sensitizer and many people are allergic to it. It is a bit more work than bromine since is will require DAILY water testing and adjustment of chlorine levels (but then again, so do pools!)
    For testing a chlorine spa the TFt estkit is ideal since spas are kept at a higher FC level than pools and the FAS-DPD test makes it very easy to test higher chlorine levels withoug doing dilutions.
    For bromine the TF testkit is still useful. You would not need the CYA test not the FAS-DPD test (there is one for bromine but the titrant is different, Taylor has it in the K-2106 complete for bromine and as a stand alone test K-1517)
    Anyway, in a bromine system you are only testing for total bromine so the OTO test is all you really need to check your bromine levels. The comparator is already marked for both total chlorine AND total bromine so you are good to go. If you need to test higher than 10 ppm total bromine you can dilute the sample with distilled water and multiply the results (shot glass method) or you can invest in an FAS-DPD bromine test but it's very rare that you would need to test over 10 ppm bromine since you don't worry about reaching 'breakpoint' in a bromine system.

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