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Thread: Hello from Boston - Mommy

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    Hello from Boston - Mommy

    We have a 16' x 24' in/on ground pool with steel frame and plywood walls (@10k+ gallons)- certainly wouldn't be able to build a new one today but it's been at this house since '69. A couple of years ago we added stairs and a new vinyl liner. Mostly treat it as an in ground pool it has bottom and side skimmer and two returns. We have a Nautilis DE filter -36 sq ft and 72 gpm.
    We're outside Boston where the swimming season is SHORT and the pool stores are FAR away. We added a natural gas heater about 2 years ago and that's been great! I bought an AquaShark 5 years ago and LOVE it. Only use the pool service for opening and closing, otherwise do it myself. I'm SO excited to find this forum. BBB sounds like a MUCH better system and I can get the supplies near home (instead of spending $4.50 a gallon to travel to the pool store).
    My son's friend pooped in the pool yesterday !@!#$%%&$!! after spending much time contemplating draining and refilling, I read the posts and was convinced that I could actually sanitize so that we wouldn't be swimming in a toilet bowl.
    So THANK YOU for the calculators (I just became a lifetime supporter) I'm raising the FC to 25+ for 24 hours and then I will readjust.
    I always wondered why regular ol' chlorine bleach couldn't get the job done - thankfully now I know that it can.
    Has anyone used the Liquidator? I couldn't tell how it attaches - but it looked like a great solution.
    Do you have increased liner fading with unstabilized bleach?
    Our Pool: 10K+ Gallon vinyl liner DE Filter
    Boston - where the swim season is SHORT!

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    Re: Hello from Boston - Mommy

    Hello and welcome!
    My wife's family is from Boston, I've heard about the summers but also ALOT about how cold it is up there and how we don't know how to pour deep enough footers for a frost line here, and...

    I don't think you'll need to worry about the liner fading, chlorine smell, itchy skin, etc. IF you keep your water balanced correctly. I was scared of chlorine/bleach until I found this forum, but you'll find through archives and new posts that you shouldn't have any trouble if the water stays balanced.
    I'd get a good test kit (you can find recommendations in the archives, but the TF test kit sold by Duraleigh is great)...I test once/week and it's been easy so far. Also, 25 FC is pretty high, you may want to hold at 15 FC until you lose 0.0 - maybe 0.5 FC overnight. That's what they recommended I do when I converted from Baquacil; too much higher could have caused some damage to liner, etc. if I remember correctly.
    Have fun and good luck!
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    Re: Hello from Boston - Mommy

    Welcome, sounds like you'll fit right in!

    As for fading liners, I bleached my liner using pool store stabilized chlorine and winterizing products. Since I switched to bleach my water and my liner have never looked better.....
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: Hello from Boston - Mommy

    Welcome to the forum!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mommy
    Has anyone used the Liquidator? I couldn't tell how it attaches - but it looked like a great solution.
    You can go to the "Automatic Chlorinators: SWG, Liquidator, etc" forum and post any questions you have there!

    In fact, duraleigh (DaveS, a member here) sells the TF100 kit and also sells the Liquidator!

    Sure would love to see some pix of that 1969 IG/AG pool!
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