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Thread: Convert or Drain?

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    Convert or Drain?

    I have a small Intex AG pool. About 5,000 gallons. Used Baq last summer and I liked it. I took the pool down over the winter to level it out and build a small deck. I got it set back up in April, and have been fighting various shades of **** this summer. Green stuff. Yellow stuff. White stringy stuff (water mold?)... I'll get rid of one then fight the other. Instead of my filters lasting 7-10 days, they're getting clogged after 3 or 4. So I googled for pool forums, found this place, and found lots of problems similar to mine..

    So now I'm thinking conversion to BBB. Since I'm low on Baq chemicals anyway, the time seems to be pretty good. The only roadblock is a rugrat party for my 5 year old this weekend and a little bit of algae hanging around.

    After reading the conversion experiences, and considering the relatively small size of my pool, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be just as easy for me to drain, refill & restart. Water bill isn't a big concern. I've never really noticed a significant bump when filling up before.

    With that said.. Would the small size of my pool make for a cheaper/easier conversion than people typically experience? Most of the conversions posted seem to take about 3-4 days regardless of pool size.

    Also - before this pool, we had slightly smaller easy set pool. I tried running it on chlorine (powdered) and never could get it under control. My levels would spike the day I added powder, and then plummet the next day or two. I had algae issues in that one too. That's why I switched to Baq in this pool. The levels seem more stable from week to week. Will BBB and a slightly bigger pool treat me better?
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    Re: Convert or Drain?

    If you follow the full procedure we recommend in Pool School things will go much better than what you describe.

    A conversion will take several days. Having a smaller pool doesn't speed it up all that much. It sounds like it would be much simpler for you to drain and refill. You will need to replace the filter cartridge when you refill.
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    Re: Convert or Drain?

    I'm with Jason....drain it.

    The probable cause of your chlorine issues before was lack of consistency. Chlorine is consumed constantly in any pool so must be constantly replenished.

    Even after your drain, I suspect you'll need to treat your new pool water by shocking'll have some residual stuff left from the baquacil you'll need to get rid of with chlorine.

    Be sure to put in a new cartridge when you switch to chlorine.
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    Re: Convert or Drain?

    Darn! I was looking forward to all of those pretty colors! (not really)

    Due to the algae and water mold, I'm having to clean or replace filters every 3-4 days, so a new one after the refill is a given.

    With the brat party this weekend, I'll probably just vacuum & shock on Friday and then stock up, drain & refill next week. Need to get a test kit too..
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    Model 637 1,000GPH Pump w/ type 'A' Cartridge filter

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    Re: Convert or Drain?

    Ok.. I siphoned it down to about 12" deep (1500 gallons) then cleaned it up a bit & started the refill.

    I grabbed five 174oz gallons of 6% bleach at wally world, and I just ordered my test kit. So hopefully I'm on my way to BBB nirvana.

    Only one problem.. I.. Uhhhh... Kinda sorta didn't exactly check the pool calculator, and I went and dumped in 2 of the jugs of bleach into 18" of water.

    So.. ummm... According to the pool calculator, I just raised my FC by 73..

    Go sunlight!!
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    Model 637 1,000GPH Pump w/ type 'A' Cartridge filter

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    Re: Convert or Drain?

    " Go sunlight "

    That was too funny!!!
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    Re: Convert or Drain?

    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: Convert or Drain?

    Water level is up to where I can pump, but below the discharge line.. So it's splashing... And it's mostly sunny today.

    That should help diffuse the ummm... slight overchlorination issue that I'm experiencing..

    I was just happy to wake up this morning and see my pool still standing. I was expecting all that chlorine to melt a smoldering hole in the ground. Funny thing.. the mosquitoes don't seem to be around today..
    Intex 15'x42" Above-Ground Vinyl/Metal Frame (~5,000 gal)
    Model 637 1,000GPH Pump w/ type 'A' Cartridge filter

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    Re: Convert or Drain?

    I think you sterilized the mosquitoes!
    Good luck, holler if you run into any 'issues.'
    BTW, I put in about 400% or more of baking soda into my spa once by misreading the pool calc. Jason really should have a "are you SURE" mechanism built into that thing.
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