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Thread: No Skimmer Suction

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    No Skimmer Suction

    Have an inground pool with 2 skimmers and the main drain to the pump.

    The handle that opens/closes the valve on the far skimmer broke off a few weeks ago with the skimmer closed.
    Today, I was able to turn it counterclockwise with a wrench to open it. (The other valves open by turning counterclockwise)
    However, there is no suction to it still. I tried:
    --Opening/draining the pump, then starting/priming with all 3 valves open (still no pressure)
    --Same thing but starting/priming with just the one skimmer valve open (didn't prime, seemed to make the water in the pump bubble/flow backwards?)
    --Opening the pump and the filter, starting/priming with all valves open, running until pump filled and filter released all its air.

    No luck. I had suction in this skimmer before it was closed, so don't think its clogged. Any ideas?

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    Re: No Skimmer Suction

    What type of valve is it that you have? Sounds like even though you are able to turn the valve it isn't opening.

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    Re: No Skimmer Suction

    Not sure what kind of valve it is. They kind of look like the ones in this picture (not my picture): ... r_half.jpg
    The black part and part of the part it turns broke off. When the handles are pointed up/down it is open. Turning it to the right so it's left/right close it.
    The part the handle turns definitely turns when I move it. But I guess it could not be doing anything inside the pipe. I could close the other valves and stick a hoze in the pump and see if it fills up or not...

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    Re: No Skimmer Suction

    You can run water through it to see if it's open but the problem is, it may be open a little and allow water through but not open enough to allow the pump to prime. As you said in your first post, the problem started when the handle broke. That tells me the valve is closed or mostly closed now. If you can, post a picture of the valve and surrounding plumbing.

    If the valve has unions on both sides of it you can disconnect and see the status of the valve.

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