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Thread: Burned Bridges!!!!

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    Burned Bridges!!!!

    First let me say this " I LOVE THIS PLACE"

    I did not had a Problem with my Pool at all this season..My numbers are perfect..But I always run my CYA on the low side 20-30ppm.. Don't ask why, but it works for me and my Pool..
    The last week here or so we had a lot of rain and some Spillover and not to mention Splash out when the whole neighborhood is over to take a Swim...
    I ran out of Cya reagent to check for myself, so when I went to town I took a sample to my Pool store to have it tested...I knew that there was a good chance of it being very low, but here is what they told me...
    My Cya is none, and the rest of my numbers are out of whack....Ok, I told him that I really only needed to know the number of my stabilizer, why I was talking to that Guy the Owner came around the corner and said, there is no Cyanuric Acid in your Pool, so Guy said well she wants to know her stabilizer number, Owner said yeah that's what i said Cyanuric Acid = Stabilizer, but She don't know It's the same!!!!....Boy was I mad, I probably looked like somebody with mad cow disease.. Since I 'm well behaved, I did not blow up in there face
    So they proceeded to tell me that I need 19 lbs of Alk up and 6 lbs of Burnout because my CC was 3.0, I just nodded my head and told him I"ll be back tomorrow, witch tomorrow will never come for this Place....
    On my way home I stopped at WallyWorld and got me some Cya, I know I'm playing a guessing game until my reagent gets in, but hey I'm willing to do so!!!

    They sure make there $$ dollars of people who don't know better,

    So if you still here reading my rant, let me tell you there is nothing more satisfying then being in control of your Pool......
    And I'm Loving every minute of it

    Cheers Margit
    24' x52" Intex metal frame
    Pentair sand dollar SD60
    Original pump 2500gph

    "5 years of BBB, and loving it"

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    Re: Burned Bridges!!!!

    Hi tootie,

    We've seen pix of your pool water and it is beautiful! You know what you are doing!

    As you said, your knowledge kept you from getting pool stored, as so many still do. Good for you!
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    Re: Burned Bridges!!!!


    You epitomize "BBB". "BBB" is no secret method or secret is simply empowering the pool owner with the knowledge to understaqnd their own pool water chemistry and what to do about it without spending a ton of money on what can often be bad advice from the pool store.

    Very nice work on your part.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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