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Thread: Algae problem and filter question

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    Algae problem and filter question

    I have read some of your posts regarding dealing with algae but I need some advice. "To drain or not to drain?" I have an Intex 18x48 above ground vinyl pool and so far this summer we have done ok. This is our third season with a pool (upgraded this year to larger size) so I have learned a little about how to care for a pool.
    We went out of town and forgot to leave the filter on for 3 days. Came home to a pool that was a little green and smelled like a lake and absouletly NO chlorine. I have shocked with several bags of chorine, used lots of algaecide and then the pool was just cloudy. We have had lots of rain, chlorine level still high but pool very green now.

    My question pump does not have a waste option. When I vaccuum, the water goes through the pump/filter and back into the pool. So if I use a Floc then how do I get the mess out? I thought about using the vaccuum and just placing the return hose on the ground but the gunk with have to go through my pump. Is that ok? Plus LOTS of water goes out.

    Or I could just drain 7,500 gals of water and start over.

    If you think I can use my pump and the floc then I can post a water analysis and or read you post on how to clear up the problem


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    Re: Algae problem and filter question

    Hi Renee, welcome to TFP!!

    It kind of depends on what type filter you have (sand, DE, or cartridge) and how bad the problem is. If your fill water source is good (no metals or high alkalinity nor calcium) it might just be easier for you to 'start fresh' with new water. The links in my signature will be a great help to you (they are in blue and can be 'clicked on' to access the link). Please try a little reading (especially in Pool School) and see if you can't tell us a little more about your filter and the severity of the problem so we can better advise you on draining vs. dumping the water.

    Stick with us and we'll have you swimming in a 'trouble free pool' - but you will have to do some work to make it happen

    I truly wish you well with this and will be here to help in any way I can!!
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Algae problem and filter question

    Hi Renee, Welcome to TFP!

    I see you have an Intex pool and I think I understand your filter issues, those Intex filters are just sooo sadly pathetic and they sell them to unsuspecting pool owners without warning them! LOL

    Here's a very interesting (but a tad long) thread that you might find helpful.


    Cindy, the gal who started it, has a pool like yours and has been thru the wringer with it.....mentioned similar things as yourself regarding filtering issues and vacuming, etc.

    So if you don't mind reading the thread, it has a lot of valuable information in it and other intex owners have found it and commented too. She then started another thread


    And there might be some useful info in there too.

    Anyway, not sure if this helps but do some reading there and in Pool School and then post any questions on your thread here, and we'll do our best to help.

    As for your original question, I think if you plug your return hole, lay the hose on the ground, letting the water essentially drain on the ground, it may work. Like you said you'll lose a lot of water, but if you are considering draining's just another method of draining it, right? Like suggested above, what's your fill water like? It makes sense to be prepared to treat that right away to avoid any troubles there...if you do end up losing a lot of water which I suspect you will by vacuming with this method.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.....we're here to help if we can.
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    Re: Algae problem and filter question

    I had the same pool. Where to start...First of all get a good brush and scrub the heck out of it...Pay careful attention to under the ring if you have an inflatable ring type pool. If you do...that is where the algae starts...right at the part under the ring where the side of the pool and the ring meet. That is the place where no one thinks to scrub...And that is the place where it needs it the most. What does your pool look like. Is it really bad...If it is you might want to think about draining it cleaning and then refilling. The think is that you will never get that intex filter with the little paper thin cartridges to filter that pool appropriately unless you buy about 10 of them and change them several times per day...because even cleaning them every few hours does not do the trick...eventually they stop filtering. My pool was alway clean as long as I kept it sanitized...that means chlorine every day. When I would go away for a long would immediately start to green up...No matter what I did it would not clean up...I could kill it, but I could no filter it out. I would just drain it and start over...The filtration system is just not enough to clean up a full fledged algae bloom...Sorry...
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