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Thread: SWCG/ PH Adjustment Automation?

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    SWCG/ PH Adjustment Automation?

    Aside from testing the water +/- weekly, adding MA and tweaking the SWCG output, I do nothing with my pool these days, and feeling good about that thank you very much! Being inherently lazy, I've been thinking of a couple of ways to increase automation and wondering whether either of these is doable/ or (more likely) been done before.

    Dynamic Feedback SWCG;
    Here, FC is measured at preset intervals, which in turn automatically adjust the level (%) of FC production. Setting the system to say 4.5 ppm would provide a target for FC production. If the automated reading showed 2 ppm the system would automatically adjust production % up etc. I've been see-sawing the SWCG production a bit as it takes time to settle, so I figure that will eventually settle in (the oscillations are already pretty small), but I see value for such a system in a pool that gets varied use, and varies sun...

    Dynamic Feedback Ph adjustment;
    I've been adding Muriatic Acid 'MA" to the pool every three days or so, and been thinking there really should be a way to automate this. The simplest form of this would not be 'dynamic' at all, just an adjustable MA dispenser which would add say, a drip a minute/ every 5 minutes etc. to the pool. Alternatively/ additionally, as above, a sensor could measure Ph and request more/ or less MA from the dispenser.

    Recognizing that I'm not only lazy but cheap as well, is any of this in my future? I'm always up for working hard against the future of increased laziness!

    Thoughts/ input would be appreciated.


    28K Gal. 802 Sq Ft., Free Form, IG, Gunnite with Midnight Maui Hydrazzo Carlton Pool. Exposed Aggregate Decking. Jandy DE Filter, 1.5 HP Jandy Pump, SWCG. Zodiac 380 pressure-side cleaner. Completed Construction: May 2008.

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    Re: SWCG/ PH Adjustment Automation?

    if you get AutoPilot Total Control it has ORP and ph control in it.

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