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Thread: CYA Saturation Level in Water

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    CYA Saturation Level in Water

    Does anyone know what the saturation level of cyanuric acid (CYA) is in water? Knowing that CYA takes a long time to dissolve, could one put a bag of it in a couple of gallons of water and have it completely dissolve in several weeks (or months)? Would it reach a point where no more would dissolve? I'm wondering if I could just keep some in a dissolved form on hand for when needed.

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    Re: CYA Saturation Level in Water

    CYA takes no more than a week to fully dissolve and register on tests, I see no reason to pre-dissolve and store to have "on hand" could (if that's the solution you prefer) order the liquid costs more though.
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    Re: CYA Saturation Level in Water

    The fast dissolving liquid form of CYA is shown here and is about twice as expensive as adding CYA by pure CYA or from Dichlor (accounting for the lowest chlorine cost).

    The solubility of CYA in water is around 2700 ppm and would make the water fairly acidic. If you tried adding this to a bucket of pool water, the pH would go down to around 5.7. If you added it to distilled water, the pH would be around 4.3. This solubility limit makes this approach impractical since one gallon in 10,000 gallons would only increase the CYA by 0.27 ppm.

    If you added CYA to water with lye in it, then doing this very slowly would result in a slurry very much like that in the liquid CYA product mentioned above and it would be much more concentrated (i.e. more soluble in the water in the bucket). I recommend against doing this as you should never mix an acid and a base together except under very carefully controlled circumstances (it produces heat, can splatter, etc.). If you really want some "instant" CYA, spend more money and get the product mentioned above or use Dichlor as a rapidly dissolved source of both chlorine and CYA. For every 10 ppm FC added by Dichlor, you will also get 9 ppm CYA.

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