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Thread: How many hours for filter

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    How many hours for filter

    Our pool was installed last week and we had pool school on Tuesday. The pool guy said that we should run the filter 24 hours a day until the deck is pour (in 2 weeks) and then 11 hours a day after that. We have been running it 24 hours a day since then, but is that really necessary? The only reason I can see for it is that the pool is currently surrounded by sand and that does get in the pool.

    What do you think? Can we drop down to maybe 12 hours a day?

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    Re: How many hours for filter

    Welcome to TFP !!

    Every pool and filter has its own unique personality for lack of a better term. You will with time determine that the amount of time you run your filter will depend on various circumstances. For example if your going to have a heavy swimmer load you may want to run your filter more during this time to make sure good filtered water exchange is happening between your pool and its filtering system. If your having lots of rain in your area keeping you filter running helps filtr small debris that make get blown into your pool such as leaves etc that might get blown into the water. I find if I keep our filter running it helps gather the larger debris that sinks in the water into the center of our pool and makes it easier to fish out with the net or vacuum up.

    I personally run our filter 24/7 but each individual is different.
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    Re: How many hours for filter

    Seems that someone here said 1 hour per 10 degrees F of water temperature was a good guideline. So we are in the 9 hour range. 24/7 is expensive and not very "green". Maybe for a few days as the plaster cures, etc. I've been at 9 hours or a little more for the last few weeks and all is well. My pool is about 6 weeks old.
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    Re: How many hours for filter

    Deb04 and jlb, welcome to TFP!!

    As TizMe so sagely pointed out, each pool is different so optimal run times will vary on the factors that make each pool different - chlorine demand, bather load and debris load, local weather conditions, pump and filter size...etc.

    I believe I mentioned the 1 hr/ 10 degF (I didn't originate it, just passed it along) and it's a good starting point, if your water isn't as clear as you want or algae keeps trying to grow, increase the run time - if your water is fine you can dial down the run time a little every few days and see how it goes and stop at your comfort level or if you start having water issues.

    Again, welcome to this forum and we'll be here for you if you need to ask any questions
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