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Thread: Is my Pressure Side Pump Cooked?

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    Is my Pressure Side Pump Cooked?

    Hey Folks-

    Just got back from vacation to find that my pressure side Mars cleaner disconnected. -Only problem is that I had the timer set to run for 3 hours/day!! From what the PB told me, they should not be run disconnected / without back pressure as it will damage the pump. I suspect what happened was that a family member I had check on the pool while I was gone, removed it to clean it and never put it back in the water. I have yet to hear from him, but the pump very likely ran, with no back pressure for at least 3, 3 hour cycles, if not 4.

    I connected it and turned it on and it seems to be working, but I'm concerned that the 9-12 hours of running with no back pressure may have damaged it. -the booster pump is the Pentair 3/4 HP LA01N.

    Given that it appears to be working, should I assume I'm;

    a) lucky, but not for long -prepare for a near term failure.
    b) basically OK, just shortened it's life some (any idea how much?)
    c) fine, the PB did not know what he's was talking about.

    Hoping for 'C' but figuring on 'A'.

    Would a prudent thing to do be to replace it now or wait until it finally dies?
    How will I know if it's damaged/ dead? (Is it as simple as it will not run?)
    What will it's fits of death look like?
    Is there any down side to running it until it dies?

    When they do go, can they be repaired, or is it best to replace them. A quick Google search shows the pump going for +/- $200.00 so I'm assuming replace it the answer there.

    As always, any help or advice sure would be appreciated.


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    Re: Is my Pressure Side Pump Cooked?

    I vote C. As long as the inlet can keep up with the outflow, no problem.
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