I did a quick video on our technique for smoking chicken. Unfortunately the quality came out a bit poor, so I will redo it the next time I smoke a chicken.

I did this on my new Grill Dome, but I use my old technique to demonstrate to friends with different style smokers and grills how to do it. I am still learning the Grill dome and will post as I develop techniques for ceramic cooking.

Meats seem to go through phases of dryness. What I think is happening is that at around 180-190F it starts to dry out and then when the collagen breaks down, moisture is again present. This bird is hammered, but very moist.

For chicken and spare ribs, I do timed cooks. Four pound chickens get three hours of hickory smoke at 225F, the wrapped and an additional 2 hours in a 225F oven. This 3 pound 'chicken' got the same 3 hours of smoke and an additional 1 hour twenty minutes in the oven.


The video is on the above link