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Thread: New spa has very weak jets. Any advice?

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    New spa has very weak jets. Any advice?

    This is a new spa and is an owner/build. I have finally gotten the spa jet internals installed in my spa and the pressure is pitiful. The spa return line has more power than the jets. It is an 8' diameter spa with 6 jets. It has it's own 2.5 HP whisperflo pump. I checked online and found a spa schematic and it is plumbed like that one. It only has 2 PVC pipe going into/out of it. One is the spa drain,the other the spa jets. The spa is plumbed is 2.5" flex spa tubing and 2" PVC lines. I can feel the spa drain pulling strong. The jets do not have good power with or without the jet fittings in place. I have a blower but even with that the power is very weak. Are their values or anything that I need to move in order to get power from the jets. There are no valves on the spa pump or plumbing, and since it is seperate from the pool I can't think how it would help to move valves around on the rest of the pool. Any advice? I can post pics if that will help. Thank you as always for any help.
    Owner/Builder- Pool under construction- Started 4/18/08
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    LED (probably colorlogic) 3 in main pool and 1 in spa
    Polaris 280 w/ booster pump
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    Re: New spa has very weak jets. Any advice?

    What is the design flow rate for your jets? Also, how long are the 2" pipe runs from the pump to the spa?

    Jets come in a number of different sizes/flow rates. Six high flow rate jets would be a problem with that setup, though six medium or low flow rates jets should be fine as long as the pipe runs aren't too long.
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    Re: New spa has very weak jets. Any advice?

    Do you have enough voltage at the pump? This could be a problem if your wiring is too small for the electrical load AND the run of wire is long.

    I actually doubt this is your problem, but thought I'd throw that out there.

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    Re: New spa has very weak jets. Any advice?

    If I'm reading your post correctly it sounds like you have 1 designated return and the 6 jets. Without a valve to kill some of the water to the return line, the jets aren't getting enough water to properly do their job Any chance of restricting the flow from the fill line (return) so that the back pressure will force more water through the jets? If it has a 1 1/2" female tread you could use a SP 1419B inlet to probably cause much better flow out of the jets. If you can't do that, you'll have to install a valve to boost the pressure coming out of the jets. If you can post a pic of the spa pump and the return line and jet line, I can probably tell you where and how to install the valve
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