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    Hey all. I was turned on to this site by a neighbor. I just started going through the Pool School.

    The one thing that sold my kids on our current home was the pool, an 18ft above ground (we have a 24ft now.) I used one of the local pool stores for testing and chemicals. I never walked out of that store without spending $150 on chemicals and three pages of instructions. One summer the pool turned green. After hundreds of dollars they finally told me, "We don't know what's wrong." I decided to drain the pool to scrub it out good. When drained, I noticed all these little 'pit marks' on the bottom. Someone told me of a Mom&Pop lawn & garden store that also does some pool work. They told me not to use the powder stuff. They like the liquid stuff. Things were good for the last five years. Well, they went out of business so this year back to the first store. You guessed it...$$$$$$$. They don't like the liquid so I used the powdered chlorine again. I spent the next seven days brushing the pool four or five times a day to get all that **** dissolved. The pool turned green and the store tells me I must be doing it wrong. Another friend told me to go to a different store. The people, there, and I got along fabuously And now I'm here. My neighbor told me that she has disposed of all of the $$$ chemicals and will start using your BBB method.

    Well, back to school.

    Thanks for letting me blow off some steam


    woops. upon previewing this, I see one to many zeros my pool is actually 13,500gal
    on the Northcoast of the U.S.A.

    24ft AG-13,500 gal-Hayward S-166T high rate sand filter-pump is SplashPak Hp 1spl (whatever that means)-TF100 test kit

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    Re: New member

    Welcome to TFP
    There is a lot of great information on this site and plenty of great people to help you out.
    Make sure you have a GOOD test kit, check-out the pool school and use the pool calculator.
    Get accurate test results! Accuracy is very important! Also be patient, give the chemicals time to do their job and you should be fine. Keep surfin the site and enjoy. One more thing, check out the BBB method.
    This site is the BEST!
    Good Luck!
    My pool is a 10,500 gallon (420 Sq Ft ) kidney shape. STA-RITE HRPB30, Sand filter 30" 98 GPM, 1 HP Maxi-Glas 2 pump, BBB Method, Taylor K-2005 test kit, 50 Watt 12V low-voltage pond light illuminates the pool at night for a nice soft glow.

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    Re: New member

    Welcome Jim! You found the right place.
    TFP Moderator
    20K Gallon 20X36 Vinyl Inground
    Hayward S244T Sand Filter with 1HP Whisperflo Pump. Liquidator C-201 and Solar Heat

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    Re: New member

    Hi JimB,

    Yep, you've found the right place!

    Welcome to the forum
    TFP Moderator TF100 Test Kit TF100 TestKit YouTube Channel PoolMath
    You're done SLAMing when:
    1)You lose 1ppm or less FC overnight, & 2)You have .5ppm CC's or less, & 3)your water is clear.

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    Re: New member

    Jim, welcome to TFP!!

    One problem, you're gonna have to decide what you're gonna do with all the $$$ you won't be spending on the pool
    Luv& Luk

    Having done construction and service for 4 pool companies in 4 states starting in 1988, what I know about pools could fill a couple of books - what I don't know could fill a couple of libraries :-D

    POOL SCHOOL, TF Testkits, Jason's Pool Calculator, CYA vs. cl chart, (Just a few DARNED handy links!)

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    Re: New member

    There's always some new gadget for the motorcycles. Or some new safety equipment, i.e. gloves, helmet, jacket etc.
    on the Northcoast of the U.S.A.

    24ft AG-13,500 gal-Hayward S-166T high rate sand filter-pump is SplashPak Hp 1spl (whatever that means)-TF100 test kit

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    Re: New member

    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
    24' round AG pool, 52" high, Raypak heater; Waterway 2 spd Pump;
    150 Sq ft. Clearwater Cartridge Filter; Former and DISSATISFIED "Pool Frog" owner
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    Re: New member


    8200 gallon 20' x 48" round vinyl frame pool,
    Intex SWCG, 12" sand filter, 1600gph pump, TF100 test kit
    Handy Links: PoolMath, TF-100 Test Kit, Pool School, Chlorine/CYA Chart
    "Shock" is a process, not a product!

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