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Thread: Using Bleach In SW pool

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    Using Bleach In SW pool

    Just wondering I have a SWG and my local poolstore tells me not to use bleach in my pool. They tell me I need to use dichlor in a salt System pool. At this current time my FC is 0 What do you suggest?

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    Re: Using Bleach In SW pool

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    Chlorine is chlorine, it doesn't matter where it comes from. What does matter is that dichlor contains additional things that you don't usually want added to your pool, while bleach contains nothing but chlorine and a tiny amount of salt. Pool stores often object to bleach because they don't sell it.

    WIth a SWG and a FC level of zero, you should check your PH, CYA, and salt levels, make sure the SWG is turned on, and shock the pool. Shocking is best done with bleach (unless your CYA level is too low).
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    Re: Using Bleach In SW pool

    Use unscented bleach and change your pool shop.
    Dichlor has CYA in it, and if you already have the optimal level you don't want to keep adding that.

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    Re: Using Bleach In SW pool

    I'm by no means an expert on SWGs, still learning.

    But I can tell you either is usable to a certain extent.

    Dichlor contains CYA so it depends on your CYA level, if it should be used. Dichlor is just stabilized chlorine, bleach is chlorine, so I can't see why they would advise you not to use bleach. Chlorine is chlorine is chlorine....

    What is your salt level, and what is the SWG set at? It seems odd that you have no chlorine reading. What color is your pool water? Is it clear?

    Can you post a full set of test results so we can help better.

    Bleach can be used just fine in a SWG, for shocking, etc.

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    Re: Using Bleach In SW pool

    I'm new to this pool stuff also and had a similar problem. We got a bad SWG and had to wait a week for a new one. Of course our pool was full and we had put some of the dry shock in the pool plus the other pool store stuff like stabilizer etc. Anyway, after two weeks trying to get the TA & CYA right I noticed we never had a good level of free chlorine, so I did a bunch of reading here and asked a few questions and decided I needed to shock the pool good, with bleach of course. The FC is still slowly coming down about four days since the last time I added any bleach, which tells me it made a difference and the SWG is able to keep up with the demand since I've got rid of whats been eating it up.
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