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Thread: Need Advice for starting a very small pool - 575 gallons

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    Need Advice for starting a very small pool - 575 gallons

    I'm a newbie and have a very small intex pool - only 5' by 8.5', and 24" deep, holds 575 gallons. How much equipment do I need for such a small pool - I don't mind draining and refilling every 4-8 weeks. So, can't I just use triclor pucks for that period of time? Do I need to use bleach to shock, and how often? And, is a filter and pump necessary? Skimmer?? Is it necessary to invest in a test kit or will the test strips suffice? I've been reading about the BBB method and love the economy of it!

    The pool is used by grandma swimming with a couple grandkids every few days (and they love it!).

    Advice is greatly appreciated . . .


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    Re: Need Advice for starting a very small pool - 575 gallons

    Honestly, you'd do okay with a $16 test kit from Wal-mart, for your particular pool situation.

    If you get green water, don't worry about it, just drain and start over. If you don't your water from a well, or do you have to pay for it?

    So, do you already have tri-chlor pucks, cause yes, you can use them up.

    You only need to shock if you get green water or combined cc's Did the intex come with a filter/pump? The water will get cruddy from blown-in debris without filtration. The intex pumps are pretty inexpensive, you should be able to get by with their smallest version, I believe it's the 800 gph model but there might be a smaller one.

    If you decide to do bleach, you want a free chlorine level of 1-2 ppm. That's approximately a half a cup a day added for a pool that size, according to the pool calculator, depending on usage and weather, etc., if your FC starts at zero. That much bleach will raise it to 2ppm. So with your test kit you'll know what your level is, and then you can look at the pool calc and it will tell you how much to add to bring it back up to 1 or 2ppm. Without CYA, the sun will consume it in a day, so you should add some each night after sunset.

    Hope this helps - any other q's just ask away!

    Enjoy your pool!
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    Re: Need Advice for starting a very small pool - 575 gallons

    Dear Frustratedpoolmom,
    Thanks so much for your reply! I suspected this was the case . . . but wanted an experienced opinion. Another couple fo questions:
    We use a completely opaque pool cover whenever the pool is not in use, so would I still add bleach on days that we don't get in or open the cover?
    Also, since there is not so much debris flying in, would the filter and pump make much difference, getting out hairs and body oils and the like?
    (I'm less worried about the price of a pump and more concerned about whether we have proper electrical wiring on our patio.)

    Thanks again, so much!

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    Re: Need Advice for starting a very small pool - 575 gallons

    The crucial thing is to get some circulation happening. The could be people swimming and mixing chemicals in with a paddle, or a small pump. When you add bleach it needs to be mixed in throughly. Take care of that and replace the water once a month and you don't have to have a filter.
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    Re: Need Advice for starting a very small pool - 575 gallons

    Way back in the 70s we had a horse trough set up in the driveway for the kids to play in. It held about 700 gallons. No pump or filter. The water got pretty muddy from all those little feet dragging in grass clippings and dirt. I just drained it on the lawn, hosed it out, and refilled it every so often. I did add 1/4 cup of bleach to the fill water as it was filling which got it mixed in but algae never were an issue. The water got dirty too fast, requiring a drain and refill, for algae to ever get going.

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