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Thread: From Swamp To green cloudy green

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    From Swamp To green cloudy green

    Hey, I,m Jeff, new on here
    Bought house with pool 2 yrs ago
    Swamp last yr, pool company opened and cleaned pool.
    This yr, my turn, Long story short after 40gal of 5.33%Cl
    and 20 bags of Green Out and a few oz of water Goop.
    Still Light Green after 2 weeks of heavy filtering and vacuum
    I have 2 seperate filter systems , one for skimmers,one for vac.
    I use skimmer socks and they are mostly clean now
    Skimmer filter not showing too much dirt after 3 days Diff is only 3 psi.
    shallow end I can see bottom, Deep just about see the bottom if I use sunglasses
    last 3 reading from the pool store:
    4 days ago 3days today
    TA 160 160 150
    Shock 1.7 2.3 4.7
    ph 6.8 7.3 7.3
    cya 50 40 60
    TC 10.2 10.5 14
    FC 8.5 8.2 9.3
    I've been dumping 4 Gals of hypo in at night with the skimmer running.
    I have the Vac pump discharging by splashing in the pool, skimmers are 50/50 top and bottom, Tab dispenser set at min with about 4 jumbo tabs of triclor
    Any suggestions deeply appreciated!!!
    HOW HARD COULD THIS BE? Any Day Now I'll see the Bottom
    07/05/08= My wife say's "I see the bottom!!!"
    Just the facts=20,500gal IG with
    1) cx900 hayward filter, 1.5 hp pump for vac
    1) cx900 filter and 1.0 hp pump for skimmers
    Using Skimmer Socks in pump baskets and skimmers,Electronic PH Meter

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    Re: From Swamp To green cloudy green

    Simply put you are not at shock level. YOu need to get those chlorine levels up up up. And the best way to do this is Bleach.

    At 5.33% you need about eight jugs of 96 oz bleach to get the shock level to 18ppm where it needs to be. And you must keep it there until the number does not drop overnight. If you cannot get a TF kit - which you should, Get a Walmart kit for now and use the dilution method to get a decent reading. You must test at night and first thing in the morning.

    Therefore - I would stock up on about 30 more gallons of bleachf or the next three days. See where you are at. Once the algae is dead it will take a week or two to clear.

    Good Luck - we have all done this and all have gone clear!!!

    Use the Pool Calc to see where I got my numbers
    16 X 34 21,000 IG Vinyl Liner
    1 1/2 Hayward SuperPump
    New Sand Filter (had cartridge - hated them)

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    Re: From Swamp To green cloudy green

    Do not put any more Triclor pucks into your pool. Your continuously raising your CYA levels. The higher you get them the more chlorine you will have to use to maintain good chemical balance.
    Mona SE MN
    24' round 48" high AG
    Meteor Sand Filter
    1.5 HP pump

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