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Thread: Please Help Me! =(

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    Please Help Me! =(

    I am comepletely in over my head. I have never owned a pool before , and was given a 42'x15" pool. I have no idea what a pool what size hold in gallons of water so I'm not sure how I should go about treating this pool or doing anything with it.

    I have well water, and have no idea if that is where i went wrong, but before the pool was ever half full it turned green. I have shocked it twice, put 2 gallons of liquid clorine in, algecide, and clarifier, and it hasnt changed the color of the water AT ALL. I'm getting very frustrated and dont know how to get rid of this...

    I am broke and am hoping to find a cheap alternative to, well... everything.

    Somebody please help!
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    Re: Please Help Me! =(

    Hi and welcome to TFP!

    From the measurements you give your pool holds approx 4600 gal of water. First you need get youself a good test kit found at

    You need to do lots of reading at the Pool School forum found here

    A trip to the store is in order to get several bottles of bleach. Once you think you have enough add a few more jugs.
    If there is a pool store close by take a sample in and get them to test your water for you and post the numbers here on the forum and we will be more than happy to help you get your pool crystal clear !!

    Run your filter 24/7 and brush brush brush.

    You need to get your pool to shock levels to get rid of the algae and maintain the level several days in order for the bleach to kill off the algae.
    One thing you do need is POP (pool owner patience).

    If you have more bleach I would add 2 or 3 more tonight and brush the pool good.

    Good Luck !
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    Re: Please Help Me! =(

    Hi krissy,

    Welcome to the forum

    Along with the great advice from Tiz, I suggest you also take a sample of you fill water (well water) and have it tested.

    Post back with your test results.
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    Re: Please Help Me! =(

    first off welcome to TFP and i would say tiz says it the best. but also keep in mind PATIENCE is also a big part of owning a pool because there is not just one thing that you can add to your water that will solve all of your problems instantly. when i opened my pool this year it was greener than that and now its crystal clear.
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    Re: Please Help Me! =(

    Also because this pool looks like one of those Intex pools it probably is about 1350 gallons...but it has a small filter and pump in one unit and a flimsy paper filter. Go to the has them cheap and get 4 or 5 paper filters cartridges. You will need to run the filter 24 hours and every 6 hours or so put in a new one...then take your garden hose and spray clean the old filter. Let it soak in a bucket of bleach I would say 16 ounces to a gallon of water. This will help it to sanitize the next time. Keep the chlorine levels up and add every day. to keep levels up above 8 ppm or better. And just keep scrubbing. Once it gets clear...get a good test kit...and keep pH balanced between 7.2 and 7.4 Keep Chlorine between 1 and 2 ppm...Do not use test strips...they are completely in accurate and tell you water is fine when it is not. Your biggest problem is, if you indeed have it, the undersized filter and pump and the flimsey paper cartridges. Follow what people here tell you to do...but be patient...However, if you don't get good results...empty it and start all over after giving the pool a good cleaning...And stay away from algecides...Never had good luck with that stuff...never worked in my intex pool.
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