6'x 20' new Spool help


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Aug 23, 2019
Bryn Mawr, PA
Hello all-
I am Australian looking for the best of both worlds - a SMALL POOL to enjoy summer splashing- then heat it up to use as a Spool in colder months here in PA.
SPools are quite a thing down under..
I have a Design Build buisness, & for this as I'm not a pool technical wiz I am using a good PB company.
Please I need help deciding a water sterizing system.
After reading this site for HOURS it seems that for this 6 x 20 (water size) Spool, with a graded water depth from about 3.5t to4.8 , (which is in a very sunny actually hot , summer location & mostt of the year except for rainy /snow for 4 months) that I would be better off with salt , a SWG than Bromide? ?

Which feels better? tastes better and drys out the skin less? And is easier to maintain, I'm not always in PA to check, or even understand test levels? etc. Help!
Spool will use Natural gas for heating I have already upgraded the gas meter & electric ( 40 amps) to accommodate the larger draw(s)
I have to decide this and the spa seat placement step layout, jets, depth of seats etc before this coming Monday August 26 !!
When the crew comes to finish the dig, lay gravel and prepare for Gunnite.
This was an 1860 horse trough that we dug up after years of using it as best we could and the old worn wonky stones will be reused in the same layout I'm just widening it from 4.5ft to 6ft. But can go smaller if a wise person knows best.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hello Flavia :) WElcome to TFP!

I personally would say a small Salt Water Chlorinator would work well for you. Salt is the way to go for sure if you're not always home to monitor the spool's chlorine. We have a small one in our hot tub and it works great. My estimation is your spool is ~3600 gallons.

oh..and you *know* we're gonna want to see pics of this project, right?? It sounds cool!

Maddie :flower: